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Celebrate Earth Day with Great Looking Green Rugs

Apr 10th, 2013 By

Rugs make an impression. They protect and enhance the beauty of apartment floors. There are several examples of area rugs, which have changed the way the room looks. This Earth Day, we have chosen the finest green rugs to add elegance to your floors. They make your rooms appear colorful and graceful.

Round Shag Rug

Shag rugs can be of different colors and shades. The color tone should match the room’s interiors. The image shows a modern green living room. The living room has an attractive round rug. The rug has a very soft texture. The color of this unique rug is shiny and impressive. The rug matches the room’s stylish interiors.

Lime Green Rectangular Shag Rug

Here is a very simple living room. The décor of the living room includes a plain sofa set. The sofa set is of a lime green shade. The living room even has a wall art of lime green shade. The wall art is square shaped. The rug used is a lime green shag rug. The shag rug has a short pile. The rug brightens up the room. When sunrays fall on the rug, the beauty of the rug is further enhanced.

Pale Green Modern Rug

The image here is a lively green living room. The room has a plain white sofa set. The room also has two simple planters. The coffee table at the center adds to the beauty of the room. The rug used is a modern rug. The pale green modern rug has an abstract pattern on its surface. The pattern blends perfectly with the room’s interiors.

Kid’s Rug for Living room

You may even use kid’s rugs to make the living room look lively. Here is a classy example. The living room here uses fluorescent green wall paints. The wall art here is a combination of fluorescent green and cream shades. The wall art shows a tree shaped wall art. The wall art adds beauty to the room’s walls. The rug used is a monkey themed kid’s rug. It is of green and gray shades.

Olive Green Shag Rug

A green rug adds beauty to floors of green living rooms. The furniture in the room is green colored. The accessories are also green colored. You may use an olive green shag rug to match the décor in the room. The rug has a long pile.

These are just a handful of examples of green rugs for rooms with a green color scheme. The rugs of the same color of shade help to enhance the visual flow. They make your rooms appear classy. You can choose from a wide variety of green area rugs. These may include green shag rugs, green contemporary rugs, green kid’s rugs and several other green rugs. Choose the rugs that go best with the color scheme of your apartment. There are several shades of green rugs from which you may choose the best option.


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