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Classy Wreaths To Decorate Doors

Nov 1st, 2012 By
A wreath is more attractive than a welcome sign on the door. Here are some classy wreaths to decorate your doors in stylish ways. There are examples of wreaths for special occasions too.

Floral Wreaths

Welcome your guests with a floral wreath at your door. It is colorful, attractive and natural too.

Romantic Wreaths

There are unique heart shaped wreaths available in the market these days. These are unique and attractive. If you are a newly wedded couple, the romance in your life will further increase with such romantic wreaths at your doors.

Grapevine Wreaths

These eyepleasing wreaths have a very sleek appearance. They can go well with minimalist home décor. They are stylish and attractive.

DIY Paper Wreaths

As there are many individuals who are DIY enthusiasts, they can even make beautiful wreaths at home. Here is an ideal example of a paper wreath you can make at home all by yourself.

Easter Wreaths

If its easter, don’t opt for simple wreaths. You should choose attractive easter themed wreaths. Here is a wonderful example.

Christmas Wreaths

Christmas wreaths are usually green and made using spruce and pine leaves. They may have bells to decorate them. Here is an excellent example of a Christmas wreath.

Fruit Wreaths

These are wreaths made from fruits. They are ideal decorations for a wealthy and happy home. They are colorful and eye-catchy.

Recycled Wreaths

Today recycling is almost a trend. You must thus opt for wreaths made from recycled wastes. These can be a way to propogate sustainable living.

Feather Wreaths

These are wreaths made from fallen feathers. The feathers of birds are very delicate. They can come in many different hues. They are simple and yet elegant.

Light Bulb Wreath

Do you want to give a bright and luminous welcome to your guests? You should then opt for light bulb wreaths. These can even be multicolored.

Multicolored Wreaths

If you are an artist or a lover of shades and hues, you should use attractive multicolored wreaths to decorate your doors. These are the the best additions to doors of homes with many children.

Kid’s Craft Wreath

These are crafts made by kid’s. You can teach your child to decorate the house in attractive ways by making wreaths. Here is a beautiful example.

Halloween Wreaths

Welcome guests who come to your house for Halloween party using nice Halloween wreaths. Add color to your Halloween bash.


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