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Clean the venetian blinds effectively

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Venetian blinds originate in the city of Venice. There is a theory that the people from this region went to Persia and borrowed the idea of window blind making. This was known to happen during the early trade voyages. These blinds have horizontal slats. They are functional and provide privacy to the home interiors.

Venetian blind should be taken care of. You can maintain them by simple cleaning techniques.

Tips to clean and maintain the Venetian blinds

  1. You can remove individual horizontal slats of these window blinds. Dust them with a natural soft brush. Wipe the surface on both sides with a clean cloth. Place the clean slats on one side and unclean ones at the other.
  2. Once you are done cleaning. Fit the slats in order the way they were in the first place. Pull the cords and see if they are properly functioning. If not, then arrange the slats again.
  3. If there are some stains on your Venetian blinds, take out the slats like before. Be aware of the material the slat is made from. Aluminum venetian blinds will require a different treatment than the fabric one.
  4. Metal slats require cleaning with special stain removal solution. You can get them at some of the widow blind stores and also at online retail sites. Spray them on and scrub gently with a soft cloth or brush. Wipe later with a dry cloth.
  5. If it is a fabric blind, you can use white vinegar to remove spots. Dilute the vinegar in equal amount of water and apply it on the stain area. Rub the part with cotton cloth, and you will see the spot fading and disappearing.
  6. Sometimes the stains are stubborn. In this case, you have to treat the Venetian blind professionally. See to it that while you are removing the whole window blind, you use the right size screwdriver and accessories.
  7. Be careful that the cord is not misplaced. Otherwise, it will cost you a replacement of the string.
  8. Put the slats back only after they are dry. Otherwise, it may be susceptible to more dirt gathering and pests.
  9. If they are wooden slats, you may require varnishing them again and protecting the surface after some time of use. If they are chipping away, replace the particular slat rather than the whole window blind.

You can take care of the Venetian blinds these ways with the help of the mentioned techniques .They are quite easy to follow. This will allow you to have a window blind which lasts for many years.


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