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Cleaning Rugs with Snow – Why and How?

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If contemplating on furnishing new interiors or updating your existing decor, designers recommend rugs for floors. These provide rooms with color, comfort, and visual dynamics. Apparently, these accessories need timely upkeep too. An effective way is to make best use of one’s environ to clean floor covers.

Employing elements available in one’s immediate natural surroundings with the intent of cleaning area rugs may seem like a far-fetched idea. However, it is possible and equally practical. Interestingly, this is an age-old method still in practice, wherein neither money nor chemical is needed to wash carpets. Instead, natural components are used. Snow is one such element. In case you reside in an area that receives plenty of snow–in the next few months, you may want to try this method, especially if you have large floor fabrics.


Weather Requirement

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Weather plays a crucial role; the colder it is outside, the better, since you will be able to benefit from the conditions. Make note, here snow is the cleaner. Therefore, for effective results, while cleaning it is necessary to have fresh dry snow around, preferably powder like. Low temperatures such as 20o F and below are ideal, since it means deep snow. Even, four inches of snow will help fulfill the purpose; it is the finer flakes that make for efficient cleaning.


Benefits of Snow Cleaning

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For those having large carpets or floor covers, cleaning can be a daunting task. But, simply taking them outdoors makes a difference. With no space constraints, the job can be done easily. Apart from ease of washing, there are other benefits–snow cleaning does not require any use of chemicals, making it nature friendly, snow is free so is its use, thereby cutting down all possible expenses. This method is excellent for rugs with deep tones since the process intensifies colors, giving a newer look. From a hygiene perspective, the deep freeze condition destroys bacteria, deodorizing the fabric and leaving it with a clean and fresh feel.


Procedure to Snow Clean

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Listed below are steps that need to be followed to snow clean your area rugs:

1) Begin by either vacuuming the front and back of the rug or gently dust it out in the open.

2) Then, take the rug outside in a protected spot, preferably under a shade and allow it to adapt to the outside temperature.

3) Next, lay your rug right side down in fresh but dry snow, remember, powdery not the soggy kind.

4) Now, beat the back of the rug using either a broom or a rake so to create vibration, however, be sure not to turn into a pulp.

5) After that, turn over the rug over and check as to how much dirt or grim is left in the snow. If you find there is still a lot remaining, simply repeat steps 3 and 4.

6) If you are sure, the floor covering is adequately cleaned and no longer needs any of the above steps repeated, gently shake or beat its back to get as much snow out of it.

7) Bring your carpet back to a protected area, a shade in this case and keep it to sublimate–allowing the solid snow to vaporize into ice without letting it turn into a liquid state, where it begins to melt. For this, you will need chilly conditions.

8) Lastly, hang the rug in a dry area indoors for a couple of hours, letting it dry. Allow it to return to room temperature and then place it on the floor.

It is as easy as that, and just in case you are too busy to do it yourself, get someone from your family to. Even kids can, and rather will enjoy this errand. Remember, snow cleaning is applicable for wool, cotton and synthetic fabrics only. Come winter, try the unique technique that makes room for one to have fun alongside while cleaning their rugs.


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