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Combine Black Rugs with any Color

May 17th, 2013 By

Are you wondering whether black rug is good or not for your home? Well, note that black rugs today are available in a combination of some attractive colors. These colors can be anything from white to brown, the choice of combination relies completely on you.

Whenever you browse online, do not hesitate to browse through a variety of black rugs available out there. Leave all your worries aside while searching through the latest black floor carpet trends. There are several ways to blend this color with other colors to create a sensational piece of art. If you are interested in adding a piece of art in your home, then go for black floor covers. Here is a look at the possible combinations of black floor covers available in the market:


Black and White Rugs

These are common as the ‘zebra’ rugs. This is because these floor covers mimic the basic black and white patterns of a zebra. Most of the designs and trends created out of black and white as a combination involve patterns that are similar to this zebra pattern. One can even find a check patterns to mimic a chessboard. Both are very popular as contemporary floor carpets. They are extremely popular as children’s floor covers.


Black and Red Rugs

This is a fashionable combination. We find several fashion models on the ramp with a similar combination on their clothes. The solemnity of black is wonderfully combined with the vibrancy of red. This is the reason why patterns that emerge from combining these two colors are very attractive. Your living room will have a centerpiece with a black and red combination floor cover under the coffee table or the dining table.


Black and Blue Rugs

Black along with the royalty of blue color gives a different meaning to the entire room. It radiates a sense of maturity and style. This is a very contemporary combination and it is very common in oriental patterns. You will find that royal blue is often complemented with black on the tapestry of oriental rugs. Contemporary floor covers of this combination often display the zebra pattern or abstract art. They depict the royalty of blue and the solemnity of black.


Black and Yellow Rugs

Black can make any color stand out. The solemn nature of black helps it to stand out among all colors including yellow. In fact, yellow is one such color that radiates along with any color. In most black and yellow floor covers, one will find the subtle hues of the yellow spectrum. These hues complement black tones and make the overall pattern stand out.


No matter what color combination you choose, black will ultimately be the hero of your flooring. Apart from forming the basis of the brighter colors, black is elegant too. Any common pattern or design will have a new meaning with black alongside it. Try black with white, red, blue or yellow floor covers that are available in online stores today. Make your home a piece of art and style with the elegance of black.


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