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Considering Sisal Rugs for home beautification

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Sisal fibers are extracted from the cactus plant called as Agave sisalana which grows in desiccated climate and is known for its interior supple strands that produces good string and rope. The fiber trails are engraved dried out and then later creates few tan shaded lengths where the strings are basket weave into sisal rugs.

The hard nature of sisal rugs is passed with the use of natural sisal fibers while in the process of making them which makes them tougher as compared to other s rugs like flax, jute and hemp. Sisal rugs are widely used for covering the floors in any room of the house. Look for materials which will last you for a longer period of time in short which is durable, stain resistant and easy to clean and maintain them.

It is frequently thought that artificial rugs are easier to clean and resistant to stain that takes place in the kitchen areas. Some think that a natural rug will be more beneficial for providing a homely sense in the living room or the bedroom. A sisal rug is simply perfect for any room due to its durability of plastic used and the visuals of a natural rug.

A sisal rug is a perfect choice for kitchen areas as the material is a good source of withstanding heavy traffic in the busy rooms. This makes it ideal for the kitchens as you do not have to worry even if it’s a wet spill or get dirty due to the kitchen waste where still you can keep them clean as ever. You can even place them in other areas of the home where huge amount of dirt is accumulated from the shoes of the visitors and so on. Use them in the patios or garden areas where it will be open to the elements of sunlight due to its natural materials.

The advantages of sisal rugs

  • Sisal is a stain resistant in nature which is why there is no requirement of using chemical treatments for the removal of stains.
  • These rugs never construct static electricity that is frequent with other rugs during hot and humid days.
  • Sisal rugs are very durable in nature and do not display any sort of wear out patterns. Hence, it is widely used for top passage areas as they are very sturdy and versatile.
  • Sisal rugs also have the capability to get woven rigidly with extra materials like wool or seagrass. This is the main reason behind on why people prefer sisal and wool combination s they are humid, durable and supple.


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