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Contemporary Designer Rugs for Urban Homes

Jun 12th, 2013 By

Rugs add warmth, color, comfort and that something extra that can only be felt, not described. When you see a good rug placed in the right size, color, pattern and texture, your heart will sigh with pleasure.  They are effective in reducing noise levels and are not limited to floors alone, your walls can also become the flowery speech of the designer within you. Match two odd areas, one with carpets and one without them, the difference is vast. But contemporary rugs add a personal touch.

Ardent connoisseurs of finesse welcome contemporary rug decor in their homes. It is certainly not everyone’s cup of tea. Because here you have, perfect accents to your floors, offering all possibilities of creativity and art.


Even though this one appears to be uber modern and stylish, it is extremely flexible in nature. This is what makes it so unusual.  Hand tufted, abstract patterns and New Zealand wool’s magic is evident even in a traditional establishment. Since size plays an important role in determining where it should be placed, you have a variegated whooping availability of four personalized sizes to choose from. So if you are a white linen curtain and leather sofa fan, why not highlight your low key atmosphere with this beautiful encompass.
Unusual 1


You have bought your desired dining table and you reckon the aura is just not quite right, welcome this contemporary artifact reflecting upon the measurements of your furniture, and create sync between your yin and yang.  This gorgeous hand tufted, New Zealand wool rug is compact and makes any furniture above it look like, this is where it belongs. Star shaped boxes and several colors make your floor attractive, naturally. Also available in four sizes like the one before, create Zen for any room you like.
Organized 2


This one reminds me of Japanese Cherry Blossom Trees, vivid and soothing. The green background and evenly distributed patterns are stimulating. They inspire you to keep your room clutter-free. Add class to your room via limited decor items, basically to let each element glorify the room individually.  Hand tufted, stylish, pure New Zealand wool and four major sizes let you usher into the kingdom of being optimistic.

Inspiring 3



Rugs are not only here to serve a purpose, sometimes they satisfy your thirst for perfection with a mere glance. Similar to the colorful rug displayed earlier, it also adorns eight compact boxes intertwining each other, only in a two specified colors, gold and blue. It is easy to clean and does wonders to areas more prone to getting dirty, like the kitchen floor for instance. But due to its excellent quality and availability of customized sizes, you could embellish it wherever.
Satisfying 4


Sober yet exciting is how this striking rug ironically blends itself in. Evenly placed stripes, warm color scheme, excellent quality wool and flexibility in size, makes this one desirable. The wholeheartedness of your living room is reflected mainly through what adorns the floor. Place a designer coffee table and a modern fireplace nearby and highlight the simplicity of your house through this rug’s earnestness.
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