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Contemporary Rug Art for Kids

May 27th, 2013 By

Rugs are home decor necessities that are basic requirements in the living room and more so in your kids zone. They add the playfulness to their surroundings. They are keep things neat and clean, since with these in place the room looks tidier.

Hug the Rug

As much as safety is important for you similarly playtime is essential for kids. So in order to combine the two and bring them together it is important that you choose the right rugs to satisfy your concern and make your kid’s room look as beautiful as it should.

Choo-Choo Train

The prints are very vital when it comes to decorating your child’s room. This engine printed New Zealand wool is hand tufted in nature. The print and the quality are both invigorating. Sporty in its appearance, if you have a son who is head over heels literally in the way he enters or exits the room, this is your pick. The feel of this item is soft and has the right cushioning making it safe for usage.

Kids rug1


Monkey Madness

Monkeys and anything to do with them is adored by kids. And this carpet falls under the same genre. It is adorable, vibrant and endlessly cute. Also made of pure New Zealand wool and hand tufted, this rug adds the element of craziness to your child’s innocence. Even when the child outgrows her old clothes, this one will stick through the tricks of time. Easily possible to make your child smile, this rug has potential in the long run. A very soothing color for your kids and you, it is an instant buy.

Green kids rug2


Novel Numbers

Kids in their younger years love to learn. I remember Math being my favorite subject. A carpet dedicated to numbers is all your child would look forward to once he/she enters the room. A fun filled advantage to the room, this rug is made of pure New Zealand wool and is contemporary in design. Available in 5 different sizes, it is up to you if you want this carpet to be around the front porch where your kid spends most of the time or in his/her room.

Kids number rug3


Crazy Cars

As kids we often love zooming in, around and about in our house with the little cars we own. This magnificent and simple rug with car prints, made of 100% New Zealand wool will let your kid ride his/her favorite car without marks on the wooden floor, if there is a rug around to play with. It is attractive and has vibrant colors. Also available up to five sizes, you can use it according to your requirement. Accessorize with your child’s favorite stickers, soft toys, story books and favorite hero printed curtains and this room is meant to look at its ultimate best.

Blue kids rug4

While decorating your home considering this room is essential. It makes sure that the best and the cutest part is taken care of. Good quality and safe rugs paired with all his/her favorite things will only make you and your child be a part of a happy home.


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