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Cool Ways to Decorate a Summer Party

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In summers, as the weekend approaches, one can barely resist the thought of indulging in a party. After all, summer is the ideal time for friends and family to catch up and have a good time together. Pick up the phone, invite relatives and old friends over, and make your party come alive.

A major perk at this part of the year is the opportunity to have parties, especially outdoors. Moreover, hosting a summer party is an excellent way to enjoy this beautiful season. Nevertheless, they need not be restricted to beaches and pricey hotels. You can always have one in the comfort of your own home or in the backyard itself. Listed below are some useful tips that will help you make your party upbeat and successful, while bringing in the ambience of summer within your home.

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1) Determine the Scale – Plan Effectively

In order to have a successful party, as a thumb rule, always plan beforehand. Determine the size and nature of the party: do you want to hold a small or large party? It is wise to remember, that most parties held during summer are generally small, whereas large ones are held at the end of the season. Evaluating these factors contribute in making the best use of the available resources at hand, especially if you are on budget. For example, if you intend to host a small indoor party, there is no need to decorate the entire house for it. Instead, focus on one particular room or the porch outside, build an environment into it or give it a specific theme and accordingly decorate it. However, a small party calls for attention on the finer things, such as the cuisine to be served and choice of entertainment.


2) A Theme Keeps Your Party Unique

Over the years, you have been to many summer parties and probably even hosted a few. How many parties do you recall that impressed you for their style and uniqueness? If you are struggling to remember, it is clear that more or less all of them wore a similar look and feel to them, making it harder to differentiate. Themes are wonderful; they add character to a party, bringing together the element of fun and uniqueness into them. In addition, they provide a stage to incorporate relevant decorating ideas pertaining to the chosen theme. Unlike other seasons, summer has a broad list of themes to use. For example, one can often see people grilling, visiting the beach, consuming iced drinks, ice creams, and carrying out water activities. A beach, nautical, cocktail, and ice cream themes are some of the quite popular themes to choose for your summer party.

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3) Go Smart, Opt for Budget Friendly Ways

Arranging a party costs money. Moreover, if not mindful, you could end up spending a lot of money, which you may regret later. Now, this does not mean that a great party is not within one’s reach. Rather, surprising as it may sound to you; decorations need not cost a fortune. They are plenty of cost effective techniques and ways of using household items, like paper and scrap fabrics to make some attractive decorations. A visit to the craft store will save a good deal of money and help you acquire some chic decorative items. In addition, this is a good time to add flair through some personal DIY touches. Display your craftsmanship! For example, use old glass bottles to hold summer flowers that will act as a flower vase on the dining table or hang them from twine. Add some glamour with gold and silver colored letter balloons.


4) Ideas to Decorate the Indoors

Undoubtedly, summer is the season of life and cheer. While decorating indoors, colors need to be vibrant. Make sure you set and follow a particular theme throughout the room. Irrespective to the time of the day you will be hosting your party, maintain a bright atmosphere. To add pops of colors, hang paper lanterns at nooks in hues of yellow, peach, green, blue, and orange. The dining area is the place where most time will be spent socializing, spread few flowerpots as well as bonsai trees to give the surrounding a touch of nature. You can add fun to the dining table through various means. For example, decorative paper lanterns suspended from above add color and glee to interiors. Amuse adults and kids alike by serving smoothies with floral or butterfly straws. Instill a colorful and casual touch to the table through a quilt tablecloth.


5) Ideas to Decorate the Outdoors

The backyard, lawn or garden is few suitable areas to host an outdoor summer party. To begin, clean up. You do not want any scrap lying around to act as eyesores in your party. Ample lighting and mosquitoes repellent will make the party cozy and comfortable. When decorating outdoors, make sure to build an environment. One can set themes outdoor too, for example a tropical theme. Lay out a long table, as it perfectly suits for casual dining. Hang few lanterns on tree trunks to beautify the ambiance. Use linen with floral patterns or other theme relevant patterns. Since, you are to be surrounded by natural elements, focus on implementing decorative accessories and items like paper cocktail covers, paper bowls, mixed paper napkins, mason jars with straws for kids, centerpieces, and many others. Add some fun through coconut candles on tables and bamboo coasters. Place colored paper fans for all your guests. Using disposable utensils will save a great deal of time and energy.

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There are many more ways to decorate a summer party, whether small or large, indoors or outdoors. One can experiment using different methods and themes, even infusing few together to get some unique style. A party is incomplete without good food; extend the decoration aspect through cuisine as well. With the above tips, create a beautiful, warm and refreshing party, which will linger in the mind of your guests for years ahead.


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