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Cork the Home Design Creatively

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DIY activities for the autumn are up. Using natural materials in home décor is becoming excessively popular. To combine trendiness with usability, wine corks are one of the objects that can be utilized imaginatively. Hence, below are examples of cork converted into accessories to decorate outdoors and home interiors with interesting design ideas


Purchase wine corks from thrift stores and create a hodge-podge of these items together with glue. Give these a shape of chair or a stool. Use it to decorate outdoor seating area, home bar and other recreation spaces. To complement such furniture, stone and food accents will be perfect. You can build coffee tables, chairs and other furniture with corks. These are a nice choice to highlight green living in summer and autumn season.

Stool Cork 1



Let your creative juice find new avenues of designing sculptures. Consider making animal shaped figurines to beautify fireplace mantel, tabletops and surfaces. Utilize wine corks to make such items. You can paint these over and use stencil to provide revitalizing patterns to these objects. This autumn, you can get these for kid’s bedroom and dining table as décor accent. Revamp shelves and racks with them.

Sculpture cork 2



Add naturalism to surrounding with cork pots. You can combine corks of different shades and shapes to confirm into a rectangular or square cast. Make sure that the edges and gapes are sealed, so that soil and water does not peek out. Fill the pot with soil and grow any kind of plant you would want. Line these DIY pots on the entrance and gardens. Perhaps, you can get these for sunroom interiors as well.

Pot cork3



Cut out the top of corks by separating these with sharp knife. Hand paint, and let them dry. Later, thread or glue these together to form cute coasters. Serve your guests beverages on these and impress them. Such coasters will go well with countertops of dining table, kitchen and home bar. Add retro touch to rooms and tables with decorative coasters of this kind, painted red, yellow and dark pink.

Coaster cork 4


Napkin Ring

Shear corks into odd shapes and designs and create napkins rings out of them. Such adorable accents can uplift the look of dining table and breakfast nook. You can engage your guests by laying out napkins with such colorful rings to match the hues in surroundings. Choose to decorate outdoor seating and dining spaces with these accessories this autumn. Rustic finish will spell well for these items.

Napkin Ring cork 5



Scrape off the interiors of the corks to create hollows. Fill these with soil and cultivate small shrubs and flowers. Hang a group of such planters on walls and surfaces. Create a garden wall memorial with such antiques. Beautify garden fence, gates and room interiors of bedroom and kitchen with these accessories. Arrange them in a way to replicate a design or shape of an object on surfaces.

Planter cork 6


Table Mat

Flatten used corks and shape these into mats by gluing their edges with each other. You can also construct similar table runners, napkins and utensils. These are great choice when it concerns natural décor. Polish these well and use scented varnished to spread sweet aroma in the surroundings.  Give these mats weird shapes of animals, monuments, flowers, clouds and other elements or accents.

Table Mat cork 7



Make your room interiors more enticing with jazzy backsplashes. Use corks to create amazing shapes on walls and surfaces like that of hearts, teacups, flowers, people, celebrities, and so on. Add colorful backsplash with these elements on occasions and events on fireplace, memory wall and headboard area of bedroom. You may even use these corks to grant kitchen and bath areas a trendy backsplash.

Backsplash cork 8



Rather than spending few pounds and dollars behind trivets, make one of your own. This gets easier with used wine corks and bottle caps. Mold these into iron case or use these as they are by gluing them together and forming into a particular shape. Ties the edges and secure so that pieces of corks do not fall off. Make sure to coat the trivet with fire and heat resistant material. Lay these down on ding tables while serving meals.

Trivet cork 9



Cork wreaths are popularly used during Christmas season, but you can also make use of such inspiring articles on occasions in autumn. Decorate doors, cabinet surfaces and other surfaces with cute cork wreaths. Add flowers, beads, flitter, ribbons and other accents to beautify these wreaths. Such accents will also help in creating a center of attraction in home interiors and outdoor areas like porch and gardens.

Wreath cork 10



Corked trays look really beautiful. There are several choices of such trays online. Some manufacturers also allow you to customize with the choice of braded corks you need to make trays. Beautify the top of fireplace mantel, tabletops and counters with these trays. Place these in lounges, kitchens, recreation areas and home bars for functionality. Some of you can also opt to affix these on walls and doors.

Tray cork 11



Talking about sensational designs, sunburst is one of the popular shapes of accessories to beautify interiors. Hence, you can create sunburst through used items like bottle caps and corks. Use these to decorate tabletops, walls, floors and even hang these from ceilings. Embed these on wall mirror and other ornate accents for an elevated design of home. Sunburst corks are also available for sale online.

Sunburst cork 12

The above-mentioned DIY cork accents are trendy. You can construct these at home or also find such accents online. Make this activity a family affair this season and enjoy play with work this weekend making cork crafts. Other ideas you can try is to make monograms, lamps, lanterns, tiles and accents from used wine corks.


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