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Cover Floors with Beautiful Multicolored Shag Rugs

Feb 12th, 2013 By

There are several different floor covering options. You can use rugs as these serve many different purposes that area rugs serve. Here are a few significant factors which make area rugs inevitable for your floors.

Why Area Rugs are Inevitable?

Area rugs are essential to cover your floors. They help to protect floors from dents and cracks. A floor covered using area rugs stays free of filth, dirt and allergens.

Area rug also helps you give a decorative look to your floors. It adds color to your living room floors. These area rugs may even have many different and attractive patterns on them. You must select patterns that match your home interiors.

Why is Shag Rugs Preferred?

Very often people prefer to use shag rugs to cover their floors. Shag rugs have a longer pile. This is one prime reason why people opt for this unique rug.

There are many different varieties in shag rugs. They may have a long pile or a short pile. The strands may be of a single shade or of many distinct shades.

Multicolored Shag Rugs to Cover Modern Apartments

Modern minimalist apartments deserve elegant looking floor coverings. The best option is definitely a multicolored long pile shag rug. These rugs have strands of two different colors. The image shows a clear example of how to use rugs to decorate the floors.

The décor of the living room should be such that the area rug further enhances its beauty. You may place the coffee table on this rug. You may even place this rug at the center of the sofa set.

Color Options in the Rug Shown in the Image

The rug shown in the image is available in three distinct color options. The color of the strand varies in each case. The first rug has beige and red strands. These strands are vibrant and go well with bright colored living rooms. There is also a black and white shag rug option. You may use this rug to cover modern black and white living room floors. The third rug in the category of multicolored shag rug is a sand shag rug. You may use it to cover plain living rooms.



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