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Cow Themed Home Décor Ideas

Mar 21st, 2013 By

There are several natural and artificial themes from which your home décor may be inspired. You may not really guess how you can decorate the house using a cow themed décor. Here is a classy example of a cow themed décor that can make the modern home appear stylish and colorful.

Cow Themed Key Holder

Here is a metallic cow themed key holder. You can hang this key holder on the passageway wall. This will go well with animal themed décor of modern homes.

Cow Themed Wall Art

Wall arts with a cow theme are very rare. You can use these wall arts to decorate walls of apartments. Make sure you choose a wall art that goes with your room’s décor.

Cow Wall Decoration

Here is a unique wall decoration in a cow theme. This wall decoration is made from wood. It is non-toxic and does not harm the surroundings in any way.

Cow Lamps

Here is a very colorful lamp in the cow theme. There is a grazing cow at the base of the lamp. The lamp looks very attractive. You can use this lamp in your bedroom too.

Cow Sculpture

Cow sculptures are apt décor for kid’s rooms and playroom. This is a very unique and colorful sculpture that you may use to add beauty to your playroom or kid’s room.

Cow Tea Pot

Cow shaped tea pots can be a part of your coffee table décor. These look very cute and colorful. They can impress guests too. You must make sure you choose a tea pot that is of a color that matches your coffee table décor.

Cow Coasters

Here are some cow shaped coasters which can also be a part of your coffee table décor. They are simple yet creatively crafted. They add to the beauty of your coffee table décor.

Cow Wall Clocks

Here is an amazing and colorful cow themed wall clock. You can use this wall clock in your passageway or even in the front hall. It is an affordable way to decorate the room and show you the time at the same time.


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