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Crazy Creativity Contemporary Rugs

Mar 5th, 2013 By

Rugs play a key role in decorating apartments. You should use rugs that are colorful and attractive so that it easily draws everyone’s attention. There are rugs of several distinct varieties which make the room appear attractive. The rug weaving industry was once dominated by traditional rug weaving patterns. The modern area rugs do not have any specific pattern. They are made by using a palette of different colors. The colors are used creatively and the patterns look like modern art creations.

Playrooms Covered with Modern Rugs

Playrooms have to be covered with colorful and creative area rugs. This not just adds to the beauty of the floors. The rug also helps the child to think creatively. Here is a unique multicolored rug that uses different bright shades to make the rug look amazing on the playroom floors.

Living Rooms with Creative Rugs

Here is an amazing modern living room. The décor of the room is multicolored and amazingly creative. You must thus use an area rug that is equally creative. The rug has a very modern pattern. It has a roman number made at the top left end. There are few curves at the right side of the roman digit. There are a few half circles at the edge of the rug. The colors used in the rug are red, yellow, grey, blue and brown.

Recreation Room with Colorful Rugs

Recreation rooms should have the most colorful and creative décor. The décor should be motivating and inspiring. Here is an example of a creative area rug. The rug has three different shades. The shades are black, gold and yellow. The pattern on the rug looks like a modern art creation. The entire body of the rug is gold colored. The pattern is made using black and gold shades. The pattern of the rug is made at the center of the rug. The rug is made from pure wool and is extremely soft and tender. You must vacuum the rug regularly so that the rug stays clean and impressive. The rug will go well with modern décor of apartments.


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