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Creative treat corner: Bedroom with swimming pools

Aug 29th, 2012 By
Imagine a serene bedroom with a luxurious swimming pool inbuilt in the area. You need not visit outdoors, but enjoy your personal time by indulging into a zestful swimming session. If you love to work out, you can consider this option. This concept is one of the popular ideas in modern home these days. You can relax as well as express your energy well this way.

Why wait for a recreational outing when you can have it all in the home indoors. A swimming pool inbuilt in the bedroom itself is quite an entertaining decor prospect. Especially, if you can house a perfect blend of all the accessories of comfort and fun along. A television and radio set along with bedside table lamp will make the room look just wonderful.

On a base of the round shaped floor, you can bring in a bed and the necessary accessories. This region will look amazing with a swimming surrounding it. So you can cool your body any time you want and also jump on the bed for a long hour sleep.

Contemporary swimming pool cum bedroom retreat

A spacious room with a square platform in the middle where you can accommodate the bed will look more interesting with a swimming pool around. Paint the walls with neutral shades and some bright colors. Simple and elegant, this is a cost effective design and also awesome.

Country home eclectic bedroom with swimming pool

If you love open layouts for your home, then you can consider combining the swimming pool with the bedroom. Wide windows opening up to the pool area will render a beautiful view in the early morning. Wooden floor and glow ball lamp will add on to the appearance of the room.

Wooden villa outdoor bedroom and swimming pool

You can integrate the outdoor pool area with the bedroom. Wooden villas are well known for such home design. The different angular shape of the floor and the ceiling make them better looking. The blend of brown, white, and yellow shades them even prettier. You can take a deep breath of the natural breeze and also see the open sky right ahead of you.

Vintage home brick swimming pool and bedroom

If you have an ancient and vintage style home, then you can choose a brick wall bedroom that has a backside pool area. Thick pillars and arched ceiling will give a Gothic and Rococo theme touch to the region. Light up the space with yellow bulbs and make the place look more mystical. Area rugs and birch or cane wood table and polished chestnut wood bench will bring about the ideal visual effect.

Royal home bedroom with front face swimming pool

Give a touch of deep waters in your bedroom with a splash of shiny shade of ocean blue. Adjust a bed in the middle of the area and make the ceiling of wood. Soft cushions and sofa of the radiant blue along with striking lamps for the region will look incredible. A vast simple and lucid swimming pool in front will appear tantalizing.

Romantic and artistic bedroom cum swimming pool

If you are a diehard romantic and an art lover, you will definitely crave for a modernistic bedroom with a heart shaped ceiling and swimming pool. Paintings and scented candles for the bedroom will be perfect for the theme. Shades of white will be breathtaking accents in the area.


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