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Creative Ways to Fireplace Mantel

Oct 4th, 2013 By

Autumn is associated with beauty, the landscape is covered in rustic colors and the air filled with sweet odors. However, the season also brings in cold weather, which means chilly nights, literally having everyone snuggle up to a fireplace.

A fireplace is important to keep interiors as well as the occupants warm and cozy. Nevertheless, there is more to it than its utilitarian value; a fireplace plays a crucial role in interior design too. Often it acts as a foundation for decorating the entire room. The mantel is a vital part of its design – for it serves as a focal point in a room, also doubling up as a backdrop for decorative accents. Here are 5 ideas to spruce up the mantel, giving it an eye-catching look.


Color – Elevates Ambience

Fireplace Mantel 1

An easy way to update the fireplace mantel is to apply a fresh coat of paint. Depending on the effect you intend it to reflect, use varying paints and color schemes-set a matte finish or create a sophisticated appeal with high gloss shades. Be enthusiastic to experiment with hues, mix and match or contrast the mantel’s tone with a rug, or wall art in the same room.

Tiles – Add Texture and Style

Fireplace Mantel 2

Apart from color, an excellent way to give the mantel a renewed look is to incorporate tiles. In addition, these also add an element of texture to the overall design, tastefully transforming the tone of a room into something more elegant. There are various types of tiles available for use based on the look you intend to achieve. For example, ceramic and tiny glass tiles infuse a dose of color and subtlety to the mantel.


Mirrors – Create Visual Interest

Fireplace Mantel 3

Put up a large mirror above the fireplace mantel and make the most out of its reflective characteristic. A mirror reflects a good amount of light in the manner it is placed. Bring in natural light through by installing one. Discreet use of mirrors helps create an illusion of spacious interiors. Do not hesitate to mix and match–one way is by hanging several different shapes and sized mirrors, they beautifully capture various colors within the room.


Cast Stone – Introduce Variety


If your fireplace is need of some distinct styling then preferably opt for cast stone. Interestingly, these are available in several styles, which range from traditional to contemporary designs. In order to enhance the appeal of a living space, designers recommend using cast stone for their fireplace. While renovating the mantel choose a theme that is relevant to your room or one that will compliment that of the rooms. Decorate by giving it an old world charm or set a luxurious modern feel by integrating cast stone.


Seasonal Decor – Celebrate the Spirit of Holidays

Fireplace Mantel 5

Another great way is to decorate using holiday or seasonal inspired themes, using relevant articles and accessories. It is a smart way to welcome and celebrate the holiday spirit without emptying your wallet. Furthermore, one can have multiple looks round the year indoors. Moreover, you get the opportunity to show your creativity with decorative accessories. For example, placing earthy colored candles, potpourri, vases, hanging picture frames depicting nature, wreathes and embellishing the mantel with fall foliage and similar centerpieces, do well to accentuate the season of fall.

Next time when friends and relatives come over for the weekend, surprise them with a mantel design that reflects both beauty and thought. Pep up your fireplace mantel with any of the above ideas; they are likely to become a conversation piece. Nothing quite like a good chat as you warm up on a cold autumn night.


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