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Curtains: Origin and Evolution into an Inevitable Home Accessory

Oct 16th, 2012 By
Curtains are certainly one of the most important fabrics that offer comfort and privacy to your living space. There are several different types of drapes available in the market today. Here is more about the origin and development of curtains as an inevitable home décor fabric

Origin of Curtains

The drapes we see today may have had their origin in the Neanderthal era. The Neanderthal man used animal hides to maintain privacy and protect the abode from harsh weather. Over the years, this creation got refined. New fabrics like wool, cotton and silk were used to make drapes. These were now not just a utility but also a way to beautify your apartment. This is how decorative curtains originated.

  • Distinctive Ways to Use Drapes

    Over the years, curtains are used not just in the house but outdoors too. Here are some of the different types of curtains and ways in which they are used indoors and outdoors.

Curtains for Windows

Curtains serve several different purposes. It prevents dirt and filth from entering your home. It also offers privacy to your living space. You may have decorative fabrics to cover your windows. These have to be maintained clean and beautiful.

Drapes for Doors

You may even have curtains to separate two rooms. You must select fabrics that blend well with the home interiors. Go with the color theme of the particular room so that nothing appears out of place.

Shower Curtains

If you have a bathtub in your bathroom, you can separate out this from the rest of your bathroom by using a shower curtain. There are several different varieties of these fabrics.

Drapes for Tents

Majority tents use curtains at their entryway. These use standard red and white shades. In recent times, many exhibitions too have started adopting a similar pattern of tent to place their stalls. They are the best way cover the exit or entry of a tent.

Drapes for Caravans and House Boats

Many tourist places have unique caravans and houseboats that are synonymous to travelling homes. Drapes even offer privacy to these mobile homes. You may use a curtain to cover the windows of a caravan or a houseboat.

Curtains for Stage Shows

Drapes are often used to initiate great stage shows. These usually use maroon or blue drapes. The first show in the event has thus got the name curtain raiser. Here is a clear example of curtain used to cover stages.

Types of Curtains

There are many different types of drapes sold in the market. Here we have listed a few of the most common types of drapes.

  • Box pleated

    These fabrics have a perfectly tailored appearance.

  • Cased Type

    These headings are preferred for lightweight fabrics.

  • Goblet Type Pleated

    They carry a very elegant appearance especially for long curtains.

  • Tab Top Curtain Heading

    If you want to create an informal atmosphere, go for this type of curtain heads.


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