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Cut out Unique Design with Fork and Spoon Wall Hooks

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These days, inexpensive décor can be met by recycling objects. Spoons and forks can actually look nice as wall hooks. There are several creative ways to deigns these cutleries and convert them into functional assets. Give these vintages, modern or rustic edge with the help of different stylizing methods. Provide room interiors and outdoors an uplifting appeal
Now, you can get simple yet cost effective décor items from online stores. But, you can also involve yourself in a DIY project. Convert spoons and forks into wall hooks to beautify any space. Installing these hooks can immediately transform the appearance of a room for better.

Accents for Beauty

Beautify the mudroom and passageways with keyholders made from old spoons. Use colorful backing to grant awesome appearance of this space. Such accessories can make a garage a man cave to look handsome too. Choose spoons of the same shape and size to provide a uniform design to the area.

Accents for Beauty


Choose ornamental spoons with intricate patterns as wall hooks for the hobby area. One can store the spools and needles in the brackets of the spoons. Use forks to hang beads and other accessories. Such hooks can also suit craft room interiors. These can look inspirational against wall murals.

Accents for Beauty2


Please the guests with fork and spoon wall hooks. This is one of the ideas for minimalist décor. Moreover, you do not have to spend much in beautifying a space. One can even utilize these accessories to modify passageways. Rustic brass spoon hooks can look tantalizing for rooms with a traditional theme. These can also look ideal for mantel space decoration.

Accents for Beauty3


Functional Use of Recycled Forks and Spoons

Recreate the magic of upcycled décor with gold forks as wall hooks. Twist the fork head needles to match interesting hand signals. This can look cute. These accessories are cool for kid’s rooms. Some of the unique additions that one can make their rooms are to get such kind of hooks for the cabinet doors and walls.

forks as wall hooks


You can make the laundry room exude great design with spoon and fork photo frame hooks. This is a nice choice to decorate an area. The room will look contemporary with these items. This can also sustain well in the living room. Try to even these hooks out on garden walls and outdoors. This accent can grant an excellent expression to the rooms.

fork photo frame hooks


Punch old forks and spoons with nails on walls and broken wood pieces. Attach it to the doors or affix these on walls. Utilize these as hooks. These accents can have a wonderful functional use in the outdoors due to the rough and rustic appearance. Such wall hooks can make a garden shed look amazing. These can also revamp a pergola structure well.

broken wood pieces

These above-mentioned wall hook ideas can make a house look graceful. So, update the walls with these inspiring accessories. One can even make this as an addition to the wardrobe interiors and door surfaces.


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