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Cute and Creative Polka Dot Home Decor Ideas

Jun 20th, 2013 By

Polka dot is a lovely pattern, print, texture option worth considering for your home decor. These dots genuinely add to the airy, light and colorful accents of your living space. The fun personality of your home is displayed via this theme.

Spotted all over

The interior designing industry is in its all-time peak as far as innovation is concerned. From toilet rolls, to chandeliers, from water bottles to miniature pots on your window sill let these beautiful polka dots dawn all over the place.

Candid Candle and Holder

This lovely candle is a unique and pleasant creation for your one year olds first birthday gala. This candle holder will give it a natural effect, but initiating a simple and plain single tall candle, is what complements this masterpiece. These are such simple concepts, but when you do mingle them with your profound expertise, you can work wonders around them.

1 Candid Candle and Holder


Wonderful Wallpaper and Bathroom Accessories

You have a bathroom you are looking forward to re-do? Go for a theme that has cutting edge on the rest of your living area. This ethereal yet elaborate wallpaper will change the way you would look at your bathroom every time you step into it. Bathroom accessories with this Dalmatian spotting emphasize the overall feel quite comfortably.

2 Wonderful Wallpaper and Bathroom Accessories


Modern Handset and Phone Holder

It is a take on amalgamating three era’s and producing a masterpiece with these two creations. The 50’s phone design, with the retro styled handset and made to suit all phone types. This classic piece on your left is a luxurious spring to your conventionally upbeat smart phones. The phone holder on the other hand is every woman’s delicacy and weakness. To add such a quirky feat in your living spaces only highlights your excellent taste in creating extraordinary out of basics.

3 Modern Handset and Phone Holder


Delightful Cutlery and Dining Ware

That one meal in the day when the entire family sits on the table is made fun and pleasant with these accentuated on your dining table. Polka dotted cutlery and table napkins make me a happier and nicer person instantly. These will make all your deadlines evaporate and assist you in sharing pleasing conversations making your family come closer.

4 Delightful Cutlery and Dining Ware


Sophisticated Shoe Rack and Door Mat

Polka dots in the doormat on your right remind me of the lovely bubblegum shaped and shaded sunshine’s you’d be stepping onto every time you leave or return to your place. This classic and ultra-thoughtful shoe rack is a gorgeous way of making the best use of a smaller apartment. It only adds finesse to the rest of your wardrobe.

5 Sophisticated Shoe Rack and Door Mat


Kitchen Knick-Knacks

You are a coffee or tea lover? These tins are something that you need to incorporate in your kitchen to add some enjoyment. Your grocery list can be misplaced quite easily, so why not stick it with fashion and remind yourself every time you open your fridge. These lovely fridge magnets are innovative and cute.

6 Kitchen Knick-Knacks


Dainty Dairy and Stationery

Your diary is your closest companion. Everything to do with your daily schedule, your meetings and planning the forthcoming year could be done positively with this lovely diary and these brilliant pens. Keep these handy in your study area and let them uplift your mood while doing the serious stuff.

7 Dainty Dairy and Stationery


Efficient Storage Elements

This laundry basket on your left and these boxes to stack your collections on the right, are evidently thoughtful polka dot printed storing items. They will take minimum space and help you create a clutter free house.

8 Efficient Storage Elements


Charming Cabinet and Contemporary Vase

As soon as you step into your house, find this gorgeous cabinet and lovely polka dotted innovative vases on the wall right above the furniture and embrace joy almost instantly.

9 Charming Cabinet and Contemporary Vase


Quirky Night Lamp and Brilliant Book Ends

Are you a person who loves reading a chapter or two before you indulge into the land of your dreams? This lovely lampshade and book ends could be your soul companions every time you want to sleep peacefully.

10 Quirky Night Lamp and Brilliant Book Ends


Celestial Lanterns and Chandelier

You can pick and choose either of these lovely adornments for you ceiling lights. Decorative and classy both of them serve a unique purpose, of enlightening your entire zone effortlessly.

11 Celestial Lanterns and Chandelier
Polka dots make a person happy. So why not invite these lovely ideas and compliment your lovely homes.


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