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Damage and Restoration along with Rug Care Techniques

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Carpets are subject to wear and tear through years of use. Spending on a new floor cover can be expensive. Instead, you can check on for the damages periodically and get the rug repaired. You need to prepare a checklist to see what the damages. One has to look out for measures to restore the rugs. Here are some tips for the same

When you buy a new fabric cover for floors, it definitely adds up to the look of surroundings. In course of years, crumbling ends and tethered carpets can turn out to be an eye sore. You can adhere to some carpet restoration and reparations tips to deal with such issues. However, before you begin, prepare a checklist of all the damages caused to the floor cover. After you are done with the checklist, it is time to begin the restoration of those rugs.


Damage and Restoration

Damage and Restoration of rugs1Damage and Restoration of rugs 2Damage and Restoration of rugs 3

Damage and Restoration of rugs 4Damage and Restoration of rugs 5Damage and Restoration of rugs 6
Damage and Restoration of rugs 7Damage and Restoration of rugs 8

1) Backing:

  • Damage:

Look at the back of your fabric cover. These may have lost the initial stitching or the yarn must have come loose. Some of the carpets even have soiled, torn and gone sticky. Sometimes the backing may totally come off the carpet.

  • Restoration

Adding a new backing can be done manually for small carpets. Purchase a natural fiber backing that is thick for better life span. Stitching linen on the torn parts of backing is yet another way of restoration. If you chose a glued backing, make sure it can resist leaks.

2) Fringes:

  • Damage:

Some of the floor covers may get tapered or uneven fringes. Vacuum cleaning and other maintenance process can sometimes harm the texture and thread of these fringes. Glued fringes have more risks to coming off from the body of the carpet. Hooks or loops of the fringes can also be spoiled.

  • Restoration

Replace the worn ones by stitching new fringes. You can cut out the old fringes. Shearing, shaping and leveling these can be three other ways of dealing with this issue. Re-knot the loosened fringes or hook these together in time to save tear. Utilize bristle brush to smoothen new fringes after repairing them.

3) Faded Color:

  • Damage:

Many a times, the carpet color fades away. Cheap quality rugs may often have the problem of bleeding dyes. Discoloration can result because of dust, injuries and ill maintenance of these fabric covers.

  • Restoration

Dyeing the carpet again is an effective way of dealing with faded surface. Hand painting carpets is also possible. Stop the bleeding od dyes by washing and treating these with anti-bleeding ink solutions. Starch the carpets for better effect.

4) Construction:

  • Damage:

Machine made carpets may shred with times. Handmade carpets that are hooked and knotted can have split loops and cut pile. While tufted fabric covers may have ruffled tufts, woven ones may get holes in the strands. Similarly, braided rugs may face fragmentation of strands, resulting into disfigured look.

  • Restoration

Restoring a carpet when the construction methods go berserk is one of the complicated tasks. Seek professional help, if you are not aware of the construction technique. Tufting, hooking, knotting the harmed texture can do the job. Patch the holes and remove dent marks from the surface with smoothening tools.

5) Sides:

  • Damage:

The wefts and cords of the carpet may dislodge due to pressure of furniture and other objects. It can also happen because of heavy footing and other activities taking place on these floor covers. A chunk of pile may be missing, providing a chewed look to the fabric cover.

  • Restoration

Attach weft thread to the old backing or the edge. This will tighten the worn wefts. Reworking the cords of floor cover will allow the rows in the carpet to remain intact. Use the same material present in the fabric cover to weave the cords back. The construction method may differ.

6) Pest Havoc:

  • Damage

Moth can mar woolen carpets. Mildew and fungus growth may be common on ecofriendly carpets. Pet urine, feces and blood may spoil the look of the fabric cover. Rats, raccoons, other pests and insects may get to carpets in the end. They may dig holes, chew thread and harm fiber coverings.

  • Restoration

Treat the carpets with pest resistant and solutions that will keep them protected from insects and creatures. Remove mildew and moss by scraping the dirt off with blunt tool. Put them to professional cleaning so there is no bad odor. Blot urine and spills immediately.

7) Wet, charred and disintegrated:

  • Damage

Leaks and moisture can make a carpet damp. This may further lead to separation of yarn. Fire, exposure to sun and storing carpets in hot areas can result in burnt and frayed edges or surface. Spills and scars can render ugly appearance to floor covers.

  • Restoration

Sloppy and wet carpets need to be dried by steam. Putting them to natural sunlight or professional drying is also helpful. Burnt edges should be restored with new fabric. Clean out the soot with brush. Utilize a packaging material to wrap rugs. Store these in clean and dry place.

8) Reeking, smelly:

  • Damage

Carpets may smell bad due to unclean fiber and dirty stains. This can result because of spills or accumulation of dust and other unpleasant things on the surface and backing. A reeking carpet as a welcoming sign for guests is certainly not appealing.

  • Restoration

Use scented washing detergents to clean carpets. Do away with smelly stains and debris by cleaning the carpet well. Urine and blood reek can last for long. You may need professional cleaning solutions, if the odor is too strong. Install stink free pellets in rug pads to keep the carpet smelling good.

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Basic Steps to Rug Care and Protection

You can prevent flaking, crumbling, folding of carpets and lot more, if you maintain the floor cover regularly. This may just be few simples cleaning, storage and installation techniques with hints to some rug caring tips.
Damage and Restoration of rugs 9 Damage and Restoration of rugs 10 Damage and Restoration of rugs 11

1) Keeping Dents Away: Make sure that you do not place heavy furniture on carpets, especially the fringes. Relocate, move or rotate the carpet from time to time, perhaps every month, to free it from dents or scars of objects placed on the surface.

2) Cleaning: One should clean the carpets regularly. Washing, vacuuming, removing stains and debris in time can avert few issues that a floor cover may face. Dusting, beating and leveling the carpet surface can also help in this purpose.

3) Storage: Rolling, folding and packing the carpet should be done with utmost care. You should not store carpets in spaces that are prone to wetness or in proximity to fire or sunlight. Wrap the fiber covers well in packaging material and place pest repelling pills inside. Take out carpets after few months of storage, clean them and check for any damage.

Hence, carpets can deteriorate down the years and needs maintenance. Restoring and repairing rugs has to be done wisely with a proper guidance. Using professionally acclaimed products is necessary to prevent further damage. Seek professional help, if needed. Cleaning and storing the carpets well can also speak about the lifespan of these floor covers.

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