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Decorate with Patterned Rugs Inspired By Nature

Jul 9th, 2013 By

Contemporary, floral and transitional rugs with nature imprinted on them look lovely on any floor. The contrast that natural hues create in such a set-up is sensational. Rooms with simple upholstery, delicate furniture, and more focus to the overall picture by including beautiful nature on your floors, have nothing better to be compared with. 

Into the Wilderness

Enter a room that has a bit of everything. Planters, motivational wall decals, quirky knick-knacks, quality furniture, neon colored chandeliers and there, shining like a star are opulent carpets with nature all over. This is the simplest way to travel into the wild, without actually being there. Maintain the Zen of your house and infuse positivity through this exotic combination.


The source of light and energy placed upon your floor outshines your boring daily life. This super styled contemporary piece is made from New Zealand wool and is hand tufted. The patterns pull in a cluster of suns together. Merge the flooring with wondrous blue elements helping you compare this to sitting in a chariot flying through the sky. The white sofas are the clouds and all the accents together remind you of how beautifully your decor has blossomed.

Green traditional rug1



The complacent shade of brown here has effortlessly blended with this multicolored floral rug. Made from 100 percent imported wool, the subtlety of this room is lifted by this beauty. Hand-tufted in nature and cost effective, this one is available in a good range of sizes. The room is simple and the only thing that is adding a hint of joy is the rug. Contemporary accessories like the dog knick knack and the urban lamp shade including the cushions bring out the true magic of this rug placed here.

Multicolor Floral rug2


Chic and classy hand tufted contemporary rug, brings out the best in the green pastured living area it has been placed in. Soothing and chirpy, both of them make the house look extravagant. This fabricated flooring is made from 100 percent New Zealand wool resisting grime and dirt. Therefore, not only making the room look grandeur but also confirming the durability of your investment. This rug can be easily placed elsewhere too, but if you have a room that is as airy and spacious as this one, you can nail the decor.

Brown contemporary rug3



Have you ever thought of teaming two bright colors without the fear of making your decor too loud? Well here you have a clear example of using vibrant hues and still escaping the boisterous look. Spirited orange walls and minimalistic furniture brings out the best in the flooring fabric placed on the ground. The reason is because this contemporary styled rug, made from pure New Zealand wool, is simple and cool. Tall leaves, subtle background shade and an overall sophisticated touch make it the prominent one in this area. Available in four major sizes, place it wherever you please.

green contemporary rug4


Wild Life

Kids these days have a sense of adulthood at an early age. Thus though they are still going through their teenage years the taste they have in regards to fashion and decor is evolved. This fact has been perfectly described in this set-up. A niche and playful contemporary styled rug makes this room much more appealing than it already is. The car decal, latest sound system and wooden flooring along with the carpet make this modern room, a classic.

Green kids rug5

Create a cult of your own. Make your living spaces come alive with these clever rugs and interior designing ideas. Add a whiff of your personality and fall in love with it.


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