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Decorating Ideas for Your Sunrooms and Porches

Jul 16th, 2013 By

During summers, the sunroom or sun porch is the most frequented room if there is one to your house. It is a great place to unwind at noon or in the evenings. Many take solace here before they start off their day or after a hard day at work with a hot mug of coffee or rather wine.

Simply having a sun porch does not add make it a happening place. As other rooms, it requires a touch of decoration too. Moreover, unlike other rooms in a house, this one needs to wear a casual yet inviting look. You may be overwhelmed by the tons of ideas available for decorating this space on browsing the internet or home decor magazines. This may hamper your perspective and you may end up adding a bit of everything. In turn, you may not be able to attain the look you had contemplated earlier. Here are few methods that you can implement and get a fantastic looking sun porch.

Shades 1


A prominent feature of every sunroom or porch is the ample amount of windows or glass. This calls for adding shades. You certainly do not want sunlight beaming in all through the daytime. There are various shades available for use. To achieve the comfort of shade, privacy and to protect your furnishings opt for blinds. These can be found in different types: roll up and matchstick style and fabric blinds. Use a sunscreen shade to block ultraviolet rays. Remember, to leave an open space for the breeze to come in.


Decorating a sunroom or porch presents ample amount of ideas that you can incorporate when it comes to flooring. This room is often accessed directly; hence, you need to be sure that they are not damaged in any manner. Choose your flooring wisely. To give your sun porch a rustic feel use slate. In addition, you may opt for colored ones. They plant a chic look. Apart from them, tiles and concrete are fine option as well. Concrete gives you the option of having them painted in your choice of shade, while almost being maintenance free.

Cushion and Pillows

Add colored cushions and pillows to all the furniture in your porch. Mish mash different sizes of pillows to spruce up the summer look. Taking into consideration the nature of sunrooms, purchase pillow covers with summer inspired motifs, such as flowers, birds, abstract designs. Use bright tones, like yellow, orange, red and even blue for them.

Flooring 2


A sun porch is a perfect place to add planters of all sorts: hanging planters, floor planters. Potted plants add and enhance the beauty of a sun porch. All who desire the country life will do well to add a collection of planters of various sizes and types.

Wall Decorations

Add a focal point in your sunroom by putting up an artistic wall art.  Create some fabulous nooks around your sunroom with wall decorations. The choice is unlimited; make sure to strike a contrast of texture and color. If you have a dark brick wall, add a light colored wall art, it will nicely show up. Likewise, put up a metal art against light colored walls to create contrast. One can always experiment over here.

Night Time Lighting

During the day, natural lighting complements a sun porch’s ambiance. However, after sunset the situation is different. Nevertheless, with adequate lighting fixtures one can make this space useful during nighttime too. Many use conventional indoor lighting; however, it is not needed, especially if you plan to have a good time at your porch at night, go for unconventional lighting fixtures. Lanterns and outdoor rope lights are ideal choices. They offer low wattage and great looks.

Decorate and brighten up your sun porch with delectable decorative ideas.  Add the spirit of joie de vivre to it by applying a personal touch through customizing it with some selected decor accessories.


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