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Decorative Glass Bottle Lamps for House

Nov 2nd, 2012 By
You can illuminate your home at a cost effective budget now. All you need is to recycle few glass bottles and make some creative lamps. You can also buy such lightings from online retail stores as well. You will get all kinds of themed lamps there. You may choose the night or day lamps as per your desire. There are some types of these lamps that you can explore.

Glass Bottle Table Lamp

You may opt for these table lamps in your home. It will look great on side table of your bedroom or living room. This looks really impressive. You may opt for this in modern or country styled houses. You can also place it in guest rooms. You can also renovate your library or recreation room with the same. They can be a nice way to illuminate a table. You can place it sunroom as well. You may enjoy a quiet evening, reading a book in this area beside this lamp.

Liquor Glass Bottle Lamps

You can also use some glass bottles from your home bar for lighting purpose also. You can convert them into bottle lamps. You can place it in home bar itself. You can also have it for tabletop décor in any room. They can also look excellent in passageways and stairways. You can decorate the railings of the stairs or bathroom with them. They can also stand out in dark in outdoors. You can obtain these for your living room cabinets. You can even opt for them in your man cave.

Glass Bottle Cluster Bulb Lamps

You may simply opt for some decorative transparent glass bottles. Fill in cluster bulbs in them and light them up whenever you want. This can be an interesting DIY project for you and your children. You can use it this autumn even in home outdoors. It is simply brilliant concept for home lighting. You can place it on tables, shelves or even countertops. They are portable and hence you can shift them wherever you want. You can even decorate your kid’s bedroom with this. Your children may even like it in study room.

Glass Bottle Wall Lamps

You can even beautify your home walls with some decorative glass bottle lamps. You can either arrange them on shelves. You may even simply fix such kind of lamp directly onto the wall. You can use this design idea for your hallways and passageways. You can even have them on basement and storage room walls. You can even opt for this in backyard or garage. You may just have to choose the right kind of bottle for making this glass lamp.


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