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Decorative Rugs – Beautify Your Home Interiors

Jul 19th, 2013 By

Are you looking forward to decorate your home, but hesitate to go ahead in view to expenses that will be incurred on furniture, paint and other decor items? If you have confirmed it with a nervous nod, relax, there is a better solution, which deserves your attention – area rugs!

Many of us immediately accept that to decorate one’s home, the above-mentioned factors are needed and important. Undoubtedly, color and furniture play a vital role; however, there are not the sole factors that determine the fate of interiors. Rugs have been in existence since early times. They have evolved from their primary function of providing protection, and today, serve as decor accessories with the purpose to enhance home interiors. Sadly, at times they are overlooked as mere floor coverings. Listed below are ways that highlight how you may use decorative area rugs to add style and beauty to your home decor.

Enables to Create a Focal Point

Contemporary rugs green brown1For readers unclear of what a focal point is. A design element that is set with a purpose to draw the viewer’s attention through visual aid is termed a focal point. Interior designers recommend one in each room in the form of artwork or designer furniture pieces. Whether you have these in your reach or not, does not matter, since decorative rugs can be your best means to build a room around them. Going further, a decorative rug aids in determining the type of furniture, accessories and wallpaper that will blend with it. This contributes on choosing furnishings that aid in creating your choice of ambiance. For example, a rectangular rug perfectly complements square shaped furniture, while round rugs with curved.

Complement Your Settings

Shag rug ivory 2Each room in a house spells out a different ambiance based on its function and occupants residing. Decor styles are based on three categories: formal, semi-formal, and casual. Decorative rugs easily blend with all three styles; there is one for each setting. Generally, coordination among color, furniture, flooring and decor accessories make up a setting. You can pair and even mix and match decorative rugs with your furnishings, both indoors and outdoors. For example, a floral rug complements the living room, which needs to be warm and inviting. A bedroom characterized by intimacy gets cozier when adorned with a textured shag rug and a dining room that calls for a friendly atmosphere – a colorful transitional rug.

Theme Oriented

Contemporary rug yellow brown3A theme in a home speaks volumes about its resident’s taste. Apparently, today, it is common to find many creating specific themes within their home based on popular contemporary ideas. Incorporating decorative rugs to achieve a particular theme is simple and by far an easier way to great looking interiors. However, to get the theme right, it is necessary that it is precise and not subject to any confusion with the many existing decorative styles. This aspect will assist you pick a relevant rug, which in turn will amplify the chosen theme. For example, a living room that has old mahogany furniture and walls with muted shades should get a traditional rug. They beautifully define a country theme; adding a rustic touch throughout the room.

A Stage for Creativity

Floral rug brown pink4Break the conventional trend of matching; instead lay a pattern of mixing and get creative results using decorative rugs. Many are reluctant on experimenting with colors and patterns. Think out of the box! To add spontaneity in your home decor inject bold colors and large defined patterns via rugs. A smart and sure way to give your interiors a stunning appeal is to hang rugs on walls. Yes, decorative rugs can be used as wall hangings. Remember, to get the look right make sure that the color and design are visually fresh and engaging. A decorative rug with geometrical patterns backed by a monochrome color scheme (purple) enhances modern interiors; try it in a traditional decor to pep up the fun quotient.

Combines Fashion and Flexibility

Floral rug pink cream5Visualize the room in which you intend to place a rug. It is important to have a clear perspective on how your room appears after adding a decorative rug. Choose accent rugs; they splash a colorful variation within a room. Accent rugs have become a rage as they have proven to be a perfect combination of style and flexibility. Remember, rugs smaller than 4′ x 6′ to 6′ x 9′ are termed accent rugs. Decorative rugs are available in several materials like natural and synthetic fabrics. Therefore, making them suitable for indoor use, in areas that are prone to heavy traffic as well as outdoors: on a porch, patio, or deck. With a wide variety of different shapes, textures, and vivid colors, you may incorporate them into any room. Select a right one and place them, either in your living room, bedroom, kitchen, hallway, study, and even bathroom besides the outdoors.

Contemporary rug yellow black 6Surprising as you may find, decorative rugs are one the finest and most versatile decorative accessories at our disposal to spruce up our homes. In addition, they unite all the elements of a room, besides providing protection. They are not a costly affair either as machine made rugs making for both durable and cost effective decorative rugs for indoors and outdoors use. On reflecting back, it is quite clear that these rugs are an essential part of interior design too. Redefine your living space and beautify it by incorporating decorative rugs in your home decor.


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