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Design your Kitchen with Vintage Pleasure

Sep 16th, 2013 By

There are many traditional themed decorating ideas that one can adopt for home interiors. Be it gothic, retro or colonized appearance, vintage era saw various differences when it came to designing techniques for lesser known spaces like kitchen and bath areas today we will talk about vintage kitchen décor ideas and which elements can ensure to bring about such a change to cooking station spaces

Did you ever want to explore different home styling for room interiors that different from modern layout? Here, is a chance to bring your musings to reality. Choose vintage décor style as inspiration to beauty cooking station this season and unleash the beauty of past century right into your home. Below are some retro and vintage themed ideas for kitchen that you can use.

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Smooth Roman Blinds

Drape the windows with colorful Roman blinds that are motorized. Manual stringed ones can grant traditional appeal to kitchen interiors. Retro patterns on the surface can provide the additional lift to spaces here. You may want to add ribbons and valances to bring in quirkiness. For delightful appearance, decorate the blinds with buttons, woven butterflies, shaded frills and trims. Add laces to the windows to make them look more attractive. Braided ends and molded curtain rods are just a play to grace the windows with more fun. Experiment with country themed Roman blinds as well.


Printed Table Linen

Beautify the table or countertops of cabinets, lofts and pantry with printed linen. These can reflect retro designs like polka dots and feminine based silhouettes. Add flair to the spaces with peppy tablecloths bearing illustrations of animals, cars, vehicles and umbrellas. Yellow, red, pink and green linen can be quite exceptional picks to decorate kitchen interiors all around the year. Try out cropped and sheared table linen shaped in form of flowers and leaves for the dining area here. Perhaps, complementary mats, rings and napkins will go well with these linens.


Floral Backsplash

Vintage patterns are reflected from natural elements. Hence, floral prints are quite dominance when it comes to interior decoration based on retro theme. Create a floral backsplash with mosaic and clay tiles at the kitchen sink area. This can be done around breakfast nook and cooking station as well. You can choose to get floral stencils for walls, equipment and electronics here to sensationalize these spaces. Floral stencil for chandeliers, tables, floors and laminates can be an interesting choice for traditional kitchens. Abstract prints with these designs can spell a veil of magic in home interiors.


Stone countertop

Revitalize your kitchen with crafty stone countertops. With jaded granite edges, smooth and silky, the countertops would look cooler. Make use of colorful pebbles to line the edge with beauty. Parallel trimmings of marble or galvanized laminates, can work wonders in kitchen interiors. Spice up the area with countertop quits and linen to drape the edges well. With retro themed shades and decals, these countertops will look much better and match to vintage décor. Wooden and stone countertops together can make your cooking station appear completely traditional. Provide rugger and unfinished look with wood texture varnish.


Ceramic Cutleries

Another way of adding vintage appeal to kitchen is to get ceramic cutleries of bright solid shades. Pink, blue, yellow and red are popular choices of utensil shades. You can line up cabinet and shelves with such beautiful plates with printed humorous lines and quotes. Some of the plain cutleries can also look as decorative accents on top of pantry and loft areas. A dose of intricately patterned cutleries of bold shades can revamp kitchen nook pretty well. Utilize magnetic decorative plates to beautify metal tops and electronics. Silhouette designs on such utensils can look interesting indeed. Hence, you can purchase these online and improve the appearance of cooking station.


Sophisticated Illumination

Brighten the kitchen interiors with amazing chandeliers and wall sconces. Add candles that are flickering or scented to arouse a comfortable ambiance here. You can bring lamps, lanterns, and affix these on walls or surfaces for an added effect. Perhaps a small fireplace can do the trick as well. Wrought iron illuminations and floor lamps can also provide enough brightness to these regions. Metal sheet covers for lighting sources can render vintage effect to cooking stations. Hence, consider few oriental; morocco and country styled metal cover for illuminations in traditional kitchens.


Natural Waste Basket

Traditionally, natural materials and objects made out of these elements were quite popular. Therefore, you can bring back the vintage favor in kitchen with jute and coir wastebaskets. Even wood and seagrass ones are quite cute. Consider constructing such baskets out of recycled materials for hype effect. Cane and bamboo waste bins can also be an excellent choice to render wonderful look to kitchen interiors. Hand paint these or mark them with stencil to grant awesome look to their surfaces. A separate bin for dry and wet waste should be maintained to keep the kitchen tidy.

All the above-mentioned vintage inspired décor tips for kitchen are quite handy to decorate cooking station interiors. You may look for ideas that are more similar and that of different room décor styles and our blog.


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