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Different Carpet Styles of Transitional Rugs

Feb 8th, 2013 By

You may be wondering how many carpets exist in each rug category. What distinguishes them from other rugs? It may be their design, color, material or any other aspect of these carpets. You can also research on transitional rugs that have varied patterns and shapes. These can be very essential about the kind of history behind these carpets


You may actually know lots of carpets that exist in today’s world. Contemporary and traditional carpets are the top products in this industry. Every homeowner may be having some knowledge about them. But not everyone may know about some authentic and cultural significant carpets. You may have heard about transitional rugs. Does that ring a bell? Well, if not, then these carpets are also one of the best in rug industry.

They are modernistic as well as retain traditional appeal in it. Be it the materials, colors, dyes, fringes or any other aspects, these carpets are also quite beautiful and unique. You can find them at our online retail store. What you need you need to know about these carpets is their cultural heritage and story behind the creation of them. You may be surprised that these carpets actually belong to an era that was revolutionary.

Different Kinds of Transitional Rugs

When there was a revolution in design schemes of carpets, there was a need of some inspiration that would motivate the skilled weavers to make something that will interest the then present homeowners. Transitional rugs were just the one of the creative weavings of people’s mind. That is why you find these carpets to be preferred by many individuals because of their look. They are both contemporary and traditional.

This is what makes them so special. Now when we talk about different kinds of transitional rugs, you may wonder what it can be really be about? It is nothing more than the varied patterns and shades used in these carpets. It is also about the non standard shapes that these carpets came to have. Many people preferred carpets that were other than the regular shapes of round, rectangle or square.

These carpets also now were found in varied shapes like hexagon, octagon, diamond and many other such shapes. Even bright colors the synthetic ones were utilized among natural dyes. You can also choose them for floor areas of different home designs. These can go well with southwestern and morocco house themes as well. These can be colorful or even plain. You can buy transitional rugs that have abstract designs.

You can even go for the ones that have multiple patterns entwined together to give unique appearance. You may want to have cost effective purchase. You can look into the holiday season discount scheme that we have on our retail store online. You can place an order for transitional rugs here. So you can decorate your house this season with these carpets and render charm to your rooms.


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