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Different Styles of Piles in Shag Rugs

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Carpets have different construction and pile styles. Some customers have in-depth knowledge about these aspects. Others may find such details not much of an importance. But, all these information can help you to narrow down the purchase of the fiber covering. Shag rugs are also available in varied pile styles. Here are the major types of piles explained below.


Carpet can have three basic constructions; cut pile, loop pile, and loop-cut pile. Cut pile stands for the most popular share in residential shag rugs. Loop pile fiber covers, like Berber, are in trend for a decade.

Loop Pile Shag Rugs

Most of the fiber covers have a loop pile in the beginning. The loops are then cut when manufacturing the product grant cut pile. Loops and cuts are a grouping of uncut loops that provide patterns and textures. Some of these carpets use both of the cut and loop pile technique to render unique look.

Cut Pile Shag Rugs

Cut pile carpets are suitable for commercial as well as residential flooring. However, this construction style also has some variations.


Here, the carpet has more than two piles of thread. Sometimes even two-pile yarn is enough. By twisting the yarn, the surface tip of each yarn is heated so that the tuft is visible. Though shag rugs rarely have this style these days, at one time, this pile construction was in demand. These carpets may show vacuum cleaner and footprint marks.

One can see the difference by fading color line on the surface of the carpet. The hue may change in tone because of brushing of yarn at different sides. So, it is best to sweep this carpet in the direction of the pile. This will avoid the vacuum cleaner marks from showing.


The name says it all. Shag rugs that have plush pile bear velvety appearance on the surface. These fiber covers have high-density construction. Like Saxony flooring, these may also show footprints and variation in hues overtime.

If the carpet has non-shiny threads, then the color variation may not be that visible.

Watermarking finish can also grant these carpets royal appearance. These carpets can be excellent for low traffic areas.


Shag rugs that are textured do not show footprints. Most of these floor covering do not even have a backing. They are good for high traffic areas. The pile is generally curled and protruding. There may be slight color variations over the years in these carpets. Kinked yarns can also produce differentiation of hues in these flooring covers.


This pile style is similar to textured one. The high twisting level of the yarns provides a footprint free surface appearance. Some frieze shag carpets are very expensive because of high density twisting of threads. You may purchase these carpets from online stores.

So, now you are well aware of the different types of piles of carpets. You can pick the pile construction that you like the most and get shag rugs from our online store.


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