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Dig Into Flea Market for Seasonal Accents

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It is rightly said that we should see both the sides of the coin before picking the right surface. Similarly, when you go to shop home accents, try your options at flea market beside the branded showrooms and online stores. Here are some of advantages of such thrift stores and decorating ideas, using items procured from these shops

When was the last time you visited a garage sale? I am sure the exercise of going through antiques and accents was an enjoyable experience. Garage sales are quite popular in the west and European, Asian nations. If you want to get into a larger market with more eye feasting objects, try out flea markets. Here are two of the major advantages of flea markets.

Advantages of Buying from Flea Markets

  • Variety: You can find a wide variety of antiques and collectibles in thrift stores. Second hand items in good condition and few traditional objects can be a fine option as accents. DIY enthusiasts can actually call such stores as treasure rooms, as it is possible to get things, which may is difficult to find in showrooms and other high-ended shops. Right from walls to floors, such stores also possess miniature items that can be used to decorate outdoors.
  • Inexpensiveness: The best advantage of flea market is that items there are pretty inexpensive. Rather than shelling hundreds of dollars on accents that you need for temporary use, one can easily explore thrift stores for cheaper options. Moreover, DIY articles are also available at a much lower price than the market cost. Flea market is therefore a one stop for home decorators and interior designers. So, you can always count on flea market when it concerns cheap priced home décor accents.

Creating Rustic Backsplash

Do not leave your wall empty and dead looking. Rather decorate it with smart and beautiful items from flea markets. There can be innumerable choices of antique mirror frames, plates and canvases with ornamental borders available at thrift stores. These frames can deliver exotic and Oriental look to room interiors. Arrange these in passageways to uplift design of an area.


Reclaimed wood frames are other options to bring country touch to rooms. These are easily available at thrift stores. If you are a DIY enthusiast, then these accents can also be made from odd wooden pieces and chunks availed at flea market. Match the furniture and paint in surrounding to these frames for an elevated décor of surfaces at fireplace mantels.

Rustic Backsplash2

Get old pots and pans from flea market and coat these with fresh and bright paints. This method will ensure in providing novel appearance to these items. After this project, let such utensils dry and then arrange these creatively on walls of dining area, kitchen, home bar and recreational spaces. Render retro touch with red, brown, yellow shaded utensils.

Rustic Backsplash3


Old Furniture Revisited

You can purchase large cabinets and closets from flea market. If you do not have space to accommodate the whole furniture, you can divide the part of this object into smaller yet functional accents. Consider the lone drawer or sockets of cabinet as nightstand.  Pile up several such empty drawers on top of each other and seal them tight to build fine coffee tables.

Old Furniture 4

Slide doors and shutters of cabinets can be separated and used as decorative accent for tabletops and fireplace mantel surface. These can also work as wall hook and holder for several items. Assortment of natural plants and rustic sculptures can complement these items well. Arrange two or three such parted doors on countertops and beautify with jewelries for added effect.

Old Furniture 5

Broken handles, selvedges of chairs, and beds from flea market can be reused as racks and shelves. Affix these to bathroom walls and add old taps to create fine hooks to accommodate linen and other items. Beautify the top with aquatic and nautical themed accents like shells, starfish bones and coral themed toiletries. Revitalize bedroom interiors at dresser area with this object.

Old Furniture 6


Joining Bits and Pieces

Treasure chests and jewelry boxes are two items that are found in almost every flea market. The ornate structure and jaded stones or vintage finish makes these quite an eye candy. Bring these homes and range these together to create side tables, storage boxes, cribs and small drawers or cabinets. Provide anti rust or pest coat to these objects to render long life.


Frayed room dividers and panels are also found at flea markets. Hence, one can reuse it creatively in many ways. One is to use these again as room separators, two, these can be updated as storage pockets for booklets and thin documents. So, you can attach it to home office and library interiors. These can look amazing in craft and hobby room interiors as well to hold materials.


Odd shaped glass jars and containers are available in flea markets. So, you can pick the jars you like and provide it a twist. Convert few of these into candleholders and lamps. Some of these can go into pantry as containers for grains and food items by labeling them properly. Paint few of these articles and decorate home interiors and tabletops this Halloween.

Jar candle holder9

The above-mentioned accessories are popularly found in flea markets. Thrift stores provide accents at low cost than branded materials. Hence, you can take advantage of such shops and use DIY tips given in the post to redesign home interiors and outdoors. Look up for autumn inspired home décor ideas and acquaint yourself with the kinds of accents you can purchase from flea markets.


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