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Discover Quintessential Summer Floral Rugs

Aug 18th, 2013 By

The raw fragrance of baked earth, swaying lush green leaves and cacophony of birds comes to mind, when we talk about summer season. An escape into wilderness is what this season reflects. However, you can also invite the quirkiness of summer forests through floral rugs. Imagine walking on a bed of yellow, brown and colorful flower carpets. Feels good, does not it? Let us peek into such wonderful fabric covers

‘In a faraway land of mountains and valleys, nestled in the core, lie fields of colorful flowers. They brush against each other, opening their petals to morning sunlight and going in a slumber in late evening.’ Such can be the beauty of summer wild, all open to feast your eyes. But, it may not be possible always to lay your gaze on such wonders when in home interiors. However, with floral rugs, you can make this happen.


Grace Homes with Flower Designed Carpets and Accessories

As this season ushers in festivities, get-togethers and parties, there is a lot of scope for social bonding. Hence, keeping your home clean and decorated are of utmost importance. Preparing your rooms for the summer can be interesting. Laying floral rugs in varied rooms will combine natural beauty with enhances green living this season.

Gold floral rug2

  • Bring in cotton curtains, paint the walls with bright-subtle shades and install funny fixtures on doors and cabinets.
  • Besides regular accessories, you can choose to cover the floors with flower-inspired carpets.



pink floral rug3



  • Nothing compares to the pretty carpets displaying myriad designs of flowers for flooring this season. These fabric covers not only are means to render exoticness to homes, but also catch the eye of guests. Even children would love to see an engaging patterned carpet.
  • You may opt to drape the walls with similar designed artifacts, tapestries and paintings. Choosing accent rugs of this kind as welcome mats and runners are incredible options as well.


Accessories to Complement, Aesthetics, Comfort Factor for Floors

Moreover, this can turn out to be a fun filled family affair. Braiding wool floral rugs with simple knitting tools is also an awesome idea to grant inspiring flooring cover to rooms. Choose colorful print clothes and articles to make these fabric covers. Few more complements to such carpets can be pot plants around, potpourri, natural baskets and crafted leaf garlands.

Black floral rug4

You may please your guests with shaggy flower patterned rugs. These floor covers will definitely soothe their feet. Dark toned carpets of these designs can bring in much more of a frolic factor to home interiors. Summer shades like pink, red black, brown and beige are some of the carpet color choices. Install anti-slip pads to keep these fabric coverings stable on the floor.


Infuse Summer Colors, Floral Patterns and More in Rugs

If you have a minimal designed home, perhaps the central motif of the carpet can bear a large flower pattern. Floral patterned rug borders also look cute. Therefore, you can choose carpets bearing such imprints at different corners of their surface according to your likes.

  • Perhaps, choosing seasonal tones will add to the excellence of these fabric covers. Earthy tones, nautical shades and tropic inspired colors are popular for carpets this season. Hence, you may buy a floral rug that displays all such tinges.
  • Many manufacturers provide the option to customize carpets. If you come across such producers, you can ask for flower designs for the summer carpets. When it comes to materials, cotton, jute, seagrass and bamboo floral carpets are best pick for this time of the year.

Charcoal black floral rug5

  • Are you looking for summer floral carpets for high traffic areas? Go for the ones made from coir, wood, sisal and polyester. You may use silk and leather carpets o \f this type for low traffic regions.
  • A mingle of abstract and contemporary patterns along with flower designs can look attractive for summer carpets. Such floor covers are in trend and homeowners generally hold them in priority.

To explore beyond designs, colors and materials of summer floral rugs, you can look at its affordability. If you get a carpet that fulfills your requirements, you already have the product that it worth its value. However, this is not all. The price, accessibility and guarantee of the carpet also signify its value for money. So, when you are considering the above aspects while buying fabric cover, be attentive to the sale offers and other benefits provided by the weavers.

Grey floral rug6

You can try out online stores for the purchase of these carpets. Look out for sale offers at our site on the collection of these wonderful rugs and get quality material product. Another way to bring home the royalty of summer flora is by weaving a flower shaped rug. You can do so with few rag clothes and old-t-shirts. This can be a cool DIY project for the year.


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