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Distinctive and Colorful Bathroom Tile Patterns

Jan 23rd, 2013 By
Tile patterns can greatly affect the way your bathroom looks. You should choose bathroom tiles which are stylish and eye-pleasing. Here are some wonderful examples of bathroom tile designs and variations.

Checked Tiles

These are bathroom tiles that have checked patterns on their surface. These patterns are geometrically symmetric. They go well with contemporary bathroom designs.


Starry Patterns on Brown Tiles

The tiles can even have starry patterns on their surface. These patterns look like sparkling stars. You may opt for shades like brown as it goes with bathroom décor.


Intricate Oriental Rug Patterns on Tiles

These are tiles with patterns that resemble the patterns on oriental rugs. They are intricate and detailed.


Stone Tile Mosaic Patterns

These are mosaic tiles which have the colors and textures like stone. They usually use shades like gray and mud.


Artistic Mosaic Tile Patterns

These are mosaic tile arts for the bathroom areas. They are colorful and use many different shades. The hues used are bright and vibrant.


Leafy Tile Patterns

These are tiles that have colors and textures like leaves. The colors may include shades of green. These patterns go best with bath areas that use cool colors and shades.


Lava Flow Vibrant Tile Pattern

This is a very colorful and active tile pattern. It looks like fuming fire. The color of the tile is fierce red. You may use these to contrast modern bath areas.


Multicolored Attractive Tile Pattern

These are patterns that use several different colors. The shapes of these tiles are also distinct. They go well with modern bathroom decorations.


Where to purchase Good Tiles for Bath Areas?

There are many different varieties of bathroom tiles. You must select tiles after considering all important factors relating to tiles. Here are some tips and suggestions.

  • Select tiles of the right dimension.
  • The color of the tile should match the bath interiors.
  • Buy tiles of pleasant colors that do not harm your vision.
  • Buy tiles from reliable vendors.

You can even make an online purchase. In case of online purchase, you may first purchase a sample to ensure the tile is of good quality.

Other Useful Guidelines

  • You must refer several blogs and websites to have a clear idea which tile will go best with your bath interiors.
  • You may even purchase customized tiles that you would like to have in your washroom.
  • You must research on the price range of the various tiles before you make a purchase.
  • You must purchase the tile which is affordable and goes with your washroom interiors.

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