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DIY Crafts with Colorful Tassels

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When it is about craft, paper and fabric tassels are best to explore. Used mostly for decoration, these can be creatively brought to live in home interiors. Be it parties or just simple get-together, these can work as beautiful accents everywhere. Now as summer is going to break into autumn, festivities are going to stream up life of every individual. Hence, consider DIY fabric and paper tassels for home decor

One of the spaces where you can utilize tassels is in bedroom. With decals, accessories mountings walls, you can give a dose of such peppy crafts as well to interiors. Primp beds with such garlands and flowers. Add colors to such items to bring in more flair to surroundings.  Brighten your area with such inventive lamps to illuminate master bedroom. These will provide exotic appeal in area. Drape the lamp with translucent cloth tassel, so that the light renders a receding effect of a lounge here.

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Inviting Cool and New at Home

When it comes to style, interior decorators turn to innovative accessories. Out of the box décor ideas is what does the trick these days. Be it outdoors, gardens, parties or home interiors, glitters and sparkle accents hold a lot of mystique. Hence, glittery tassels are wonderful to beautify rooms on such occasions. If you are looking for an item of comfort to cover the furniture, then try out pillows and fabric items with tassels to deliver required positive effect.

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Twirl the weave with style and use colorful strands to make tassels. Stitch these to fabric pillowcases or linen and create joyful ambience. You can use such plush pillows to render romantic appeal to rooms as well. Pattern a design or print ‘love’ over these pillows to heighten the effect. Another way of decorating bedrooms can be to induce romanticism with scented candles and sconces with tapered or tasseled edges to go with previous accessories.

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Build an atmosphere of pleasure with pink, green, yellow and white toned accents. You can tassel the edges of beds and other objects present in bedroom. Consider to use tassel ribbons to decorate dressers and furniture. Match the ribbon shade with that of the item or the tone of walls. Lay down a complementary carpet to suit these accents. Together these things will help in stylizing your nook and bedroom well.

Accessories that Revitalize Room Interiors

There are many ways you can revamp a kitchen and dining area. Tassel placemats are a great choice to grace tabletops along with crystal glasses and beautiful cutleries. These can be a nice pick for occasions like Thanksgiving, Halloween and many more to come. You can also stitch tassels to existing placemats by self. Involve natural dyes and materials to construct these mats and tassels. These will render an ecofriendly theme to the surroundings. Choose a mix of coir, jute and burlap materials to make these tablemats.

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Have you seen how Moroccan décor is like? Natives from the particular culture use a lot of colors and natural materials in home décor. Get inspired from their idea and consider bringing few fancy tassel tea light candles or lamps and lanterns to illuminate the room interiors. The glass bulbs can be of different colors, so that the region glows bright in shades of varied tones. Hang such cool looking chandeliers with fringed tassels and see the positive change in surroundings.

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if you think, some accessories are meant to be avoided, like waste baskets, then it is not so. Maybe some accessories are meant for functional use, but these can be beautiful as well. Tasseled bins look cute. You can find variations in them and buy such items online. Update a kitchen, bathroom or study area and home office with these wastebaskets. Consider these for outdoors as well.

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Wall Embellishments, Garlands and More

During occasions and feasts, you may use tassel garlands to drape table edges and surfaces. Match these with shades of curtains and fabrics in surroundings. Pink, gold, red, green and blue colored tassel garlands are quite well opted choice for festival beautifications. You can also decorate a fireplace mantel using these accents. Wrap these with glitters and craft objects to make them seem more adorable. Slice out the ends to produce tapered edge, and hang these on walls and doors.

Tassels Crafts 7

You may beautify garden wall and fence with such god looking garlands. Hang these on wreaths and gates to grant welcoming appearance to outdoors. Rope swings and pergola tops with tassels can also help in reenergizing the style of areas. Perhaps, you can tie these garlands to pot plants and planters to reflect natural beauty of gardens in a grand way. Utilize these to grace garages and mancave outdoors. Affix these garlands to rooftops or windowpanes on the outsides.

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Shifting to home interiors, you may even decorate the baby crib with pom-pom and tassel garlands. These will add necessary chirp to room. Printed, patterned and embroidered tassels will be nice to embellish walls and crib of toddler’s room. Even other furniture items and accessories can bear such accents. Heart shaped tassels can be best for master bedroom interiors and guestrooms.

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The above-mentioned home décor ideas with DIY fabric and paper tassels are good for styles and themes of different kinds. It can be a nice selection for home décor based on festivals, occasions and other events. These accents add glamor and wonderfulness to rooms and outdoors. Hence, you can purchase these online and revamp any nook in your house.


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