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DIY Halloween Crafts-Budget and Eco Friendly Ideas

Oct 15th, 2013 By

Hear the ring of spooky bells, here comes Halloween with just few weeks due. As people are hounding markets for pumpkin and eerie costumes, we bring ahead some inspiring DIY idea, both budget and eco-friendly to you. So, release your creative juices and get ready to swim in some Halloween fun

Halloween being a major event in October, everyone has their own of celebrating this occasion. Some want to spend lavishly, while others are comfortable with small budget expenditure. Here is a review of DIY craft ideas for those who want an inexpensive and nature friendly means of decoration this October 31st.


Budget Friendly Ideas

Not everyone may want to spend lavishly on Halloween, yet have a splendid décor for his or her house. There are many budget friendly ways of beautifying one’s space this event. Here is a peek into few of these notions.

  • Glow Pumpkin Bulbs: One of the easiest way to deck up lighting for this October 31st is by painting the bulbs orange and sketching a pumpkin face over their surface. You can replicate this art on chandeliers, night lamps and LED candles, and ready your space with unnerving lighting.
  • Frightening Ornaments: Dig into your dresser and use broken pieces of ornaments for frightening decoration. Imprint witch, cat, bat, zombie silhouette on their surface and tie several such ornaments together. Beautify tables, closets, doors and walls with these accents. These can settle nicely on trees and hooks as well for the occasion.

Halloween Crafts 1

  • Bizarre Silhouettes: Another artistic way of celebrating Halloween is by cutting out creature figures on black chart paper. Affix these on walls and windows for a gory effect. Several scary silhouettes are available as stencils for accessories like utensils, doors, furniture and other items.
  • Blood Stained Candles: Simply let red paint or watercolor spray on candle body. Dripping red pain over candles will reflect the appearance of bloodstains. This is a smart and creative way of celebrating October 31st in a budget friendly manner. Line these candles on windowsills, floors and outdoors.
  • Creepy Room Makeover: How can you provide ghostly edge to your room by spending less? It is very easy, use old linen to cover furniture and torn cloth to wrap accessories. Arrange canvases and wall portraits in odd angle to render weird appearance. Strewn dried leaves and flowers on floor will add to the horror. Smear panes and doors with removable red paint. All this together will bring dramatic effect for indoors.

diy light

  • Spooky Cutouts: If silhouette art is not your liking, then you can go for spooky cutouts on colorful papers. Reuse these later to embellish various surfaces. Some of these can also look good on Halloween costumes. Cutout a cat shaped crown for kids, rat shapes to be stuck on steps for tattered effect to ladders.
  • Canvas Ghosts: Are you good at drawing, or do you want to try out horror fun in artistic way? You can do so by painting an empty canvas and brining illustrations of wizards, serial killers and ghosts alive through sketches and paintings. Hang these canvases on walls and doors, or at entrances to scare people.


Eco Friendly Ideas

Green living is on the mind of every person. These days, celebrating occasions in nature friendly manner is in trend. We should also try to promote this concept through some simple eco-friendly DIY ideas for this Halloween.

  • Jack O’ Lanterns: I cannot wait to carve the next pumpkin I see, can you? Make this Halloween fever grow by sculpting oddest Jack’ O lanterns for outdoors. If you are a great sculptor, then you can replicate family member’s faces through carving pumpkins. Allocate these to gardens, porches and entrances. Let the them glow in dark and make October 31st special.
  • Horror Potpourri: How about few squiggly worms and bugs eating fruits and pulps in your bowl? Yucky, is not it? Well, this idea will however suit this October 31st. I am not advising you to go scooting for real worms and insects. Nevertheless, you can craft few from dead leaves and flowers, mix these together and add potpourri fruits. Utilize this accent as centerpiece for coffee and dining tables.

halloween cobweb

  • Murderous Eyes: Sketch out deadly eyes on egg shells this Halloween and decorate passageways, paintings, sculptures with these accents. Paint these dark red, green, yellow, orange and with neon shades so that they look prominent.
  • Screaming Smileys: Display myriad emotions through potato smileys. Carve out different expressions on potatoes and put these on display. You can also bake these into pies and use it as table décor accent. These will a delicious way of sensationalizing this October 31st.
  • Cobweb Weavings: Stretch cotton cheesecloth or natural material panty hose until they disintegrate into long strands. You will these resembling cobwebs. Drape mantel area, walls, accents, doors and other spaces with these artificial cobwebs to invite hair-raising effect.

orange haloween

  • Tooth Faeries: Do you want to relive childhood fairy tales? Then you can paint erasers and candies in orange and white to reflect tooth shape. Sprinkle edible paint on candies and convert these into treats for children.
  • Fruit Skin Masks: Why throw fruit peels away, when you can convert these into interesting Halloween accents. Use these peels to construct eerie face masks inspired from horror films like scream, scary movie, hostel, Jason X and lot more. You should dry the peels prior crafting masks out of these leftovers.

How about applying your skills in a profitable manner? You can actually open up a garage sale or put some of the DIY crafts you construct on sale prior 31st October. Add to your pocket money and save more for Halloween party by investing in DIY crafts, and then selling them to eager spookiness lovers.

In the following post, we will discuss about some grander DIY projects that you can carry out on free weekends, before Halloween, and inspiration DIY craft ideas for children. Therefore, stay hooked for our next update for a joyride through horror.


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