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DIY Kids Halloween Crafts and Weekend Projects

Oct 17th, 2013 By

We are back again with some more inspiring DIY ideas like in the last post, which reflected craft suggestions that were both budget and eco-friendly. In this article, we will talk about some DIY activities which will keep children entertained this pre-Halloween time and few for the adults, weekend projects

DIY Ideas for Kids

Children are the ones who look ahead to Halloween to the most, as they are brimming with joy and influenced by horror fairytales. Then why not make this pre October 31st more interactive with spooky themed DIY craft activities for them? Here are few suggestions for the same.

  • Finger Pens: One of the easiest craft ideas for children is converting stationeries to Halloween accents this 31st October. Wrap up a fat pen with sponge and white bandage cloth. Close the nip, or cover half portion of the same with artificial nail. You can make this item look scarier by replicating frayed skin art on the surface of pen. This is a perfect accent for study table on this occasion.
  • Wretched Garlands: Halloween garlands can be used in decorating mantel area, doors and many spaces. Children will surely like this simple DIY idea. Hand painted candies, creature toys, or scary cutouts of paper and allow them to string such accents together into a wonderful accessory for this occasion.

DIY Kids Halloween Crafts and Weekend Projects 1

  • Haunted Houses: Building haunted house with cracked chimney on the top and missing tiles on roofs and over flowing garden with weeds can be some of the illustrations in well-crafted haunted house. It can consume some times, so let your children have the necessary items to make this eye catchy Halloween accent. You can later house it on fireplace mantel, tabletops and entrance.
  • Scary Balloon Faces: Pumping balloons are a fun activity for kids. Make this task more interesting by providing your kids sketch pens and ask them to draw smiley face illustrations on balloon’s surface. The graphics can resemble the face of crazy crown, Frankenstein, Dracula, hybrids and lot many of other Halloween inspired creatures. Use these balloons to decorate floors, pathways, walls and gardens.
  • Poisonous Potions: Another harmless and simple DIY activity for kids is filling glass or transparent bowls and jars with colored water. Putting in ferns and rotten weeds can provide appearance of poisonous potions. Colored water of different shades stacked in several bottles when piled next to each other can grant quite a bright look to an area. So, you may utilize these accents in kitchen and bathroom beautification.
  • Spider Lanterns: Creatures with eight legs, do you fancy them? Well, perhaps not when they are alive. Kids may come across spider tales and stories in their childhood. Let them draw inspiration from these centipedes and create spider lanterns with tassels and frills. A big bobbing mushroom like head crafted from cardboard with eight similar legs attached, with a bulb, hanging in middle is apt to work as lantern.
  • Candy Holders: Pumpkins are not just meant for Jack O’Lanterns, but you can convert these into candy holders as well. Empty out the mushy contests of a pumpkin and snap it into half, fill one part with candies, after it is completely dry. Let the other half, slip on top as a cover for this holder. It is budget and ecofriendly. Sting fabric ribbon around and make it appear like a sling on container as children go around carrying their props in it, or use it to store treats.


Weekend Projects

Now that we have covered both budget and eco-friendly ideas for Halloween crafts, we can imply these into bigger activities planned on weekends for this October 31st. Here are few DIY projects that will require some time to complete. These are as follows.

  • Witch Wall Decal: You can construct with themed wall stencils. Check out few inexpensive stores online for the same and turn your house into a hollow of terror on the day of Halloween this year. Silhouette stencils will welcome night terror while colorful decals will deliver chirpy effect.
  • Mad Chef Tray: Visit a thrift shop and get hold of few mannequin heads. Wrap these with burlap and jute covers, and trace hollow eyes, mouth and nose in a way that they appear shapeless. Add artificial cobwebs and red paint to portray murderous appearance. Affix these to food serving trays and utilize in Halloween party.

DIY Kids Halloween Crafts and Weekend Projects 3

  • Tree of Death: As we construct Christmas tree with lot of excitement, similarly we can create Halloween inspired tree for this October 31st. Hang gruesome sculptures, toys, tooth faery candies on black painted branches and plant these at entrances.
  • Eerie Mobile: Like chandeliers, and wind chimes, decorate ceiling with insect and centipede mobiles. Hang these over entrance doors, or gates for a spine erecting effect. Let people get goose bumps as they walk in through the door are caught unaware with eerie mobiles dangling on their heads.
  • Urban Legend Curtains: Who does not fancy urban legends regarding ghosts and killers? Well, get inspired by few of such fiction characters and invite their silhouette figure drawing over window treatments and curtains. Imagine how startled your friends will be as they view your house from outdoors, finding a stalking figure at the window. Creepy is not it?

halloween tree

  • Black Roses: You can design artificial roses from black paper, sprinkle little rust metal flakes in top for added spookiness. Make several of these flowers over this weekend and distribute this along the house outdoors and room interiors this Halloween.
  • Fleshy Table Cloth: Time to terrorize your close ones! Lay down fleshy texture linen on dining tables, stained in red and pink, made from soft and moist sponge. Add 3D details to make these look like mangled flesh. Oops, welcome to cannibal meal.

Now that we have covered DIY craft ideas, budget and eco-friendly, for kids, and some weekend projects, it is time to acquaint ourselves with lavish spending Halloween decorations. Not everyone may have time for DIY activities, or not all want to have a budget friendly way of beautifying home this October 31st. Hence, in the next post we will portray some sophisticated ideas for Halloween decoration.


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