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DIY Spray Paint to make Old Decor look New

Jun 14th, 2013 By

Furniture or appliances are one time investments. You buy and forget about them. And slowly monotony and boredom creeps into your home decorum. Here is a list of items you can redeem and rejuvenate by spray painting them. Go ahead make your old look like new.

Paint your World

Sprucing up your daily items like chairs, fans or door mats with a can of paint adds vigor and excitement in your ambience. You need not go out of your way and budget to refresh your decor. Start with the following items and work your way up with doing this brilliant task yourself. Do not get too surprised if you get obsessed with the multitude of products you can revive, just don’t try it on your family.


Overlay your metal chair in this lovely format of two color shading, or stick to one simple hue and change the life of your chair forever (and keep changing it whenever you purchase a new can). The formula with this DIY decor is to opt for bright acrylic varnishes. You can apply your innovation to chairs that adorn your living area, or portable stools that travel in different spots. Make sure your do some pensive study before plunging in by consulting your paint store for defined instructions.




What a lovely thought to highlight your garden’s beautiful and exotic output! The glass ware can be the collectibles of recycled jars every time you finish jam, spices, condiments etc. This half-done metallic gold glossy hue achieves two objectives. Making this entire ensemble look craftily attractive and camouflaging the water giving it a subtle glam effect. Position your spray painted cute vases on your front porch, dining area, kitchen window sills or anywhere in your house, they give your decor a boost it deserves.



Book Ends

Coloring your show pieces that are basically just accessories to complement and enhance other layers of shelf gives that cabinet a cohesive look. Spray paint all your objects white, or a color that is serene and does not strain your eyes. This simple dog book end has transformed into a neat, cool and exquisite item in minutes.

3-book ends


Wall Mirror

Stylize your entry way, or the empty portion of your wall where you wouldn’t want to hang another painting. This lucid, quiet and self-explanatory mirror provides loads of personality and flavor to the space. It makes that wall outshine the rest. Place your Baroque table spray painted in white, to give it a scenic vintage touch. While spraying that frame, make sure you take sheets old newspaper and cover the mirror area with some sticky tape, carefully remove the tape when the job is done.

4-Wall Mirror


Table Fan

It is astonishing how many appliances can leave you speechless once you spray paint them. Door knobs, toasters, fridges and table fans are only a few of the many. Take this DIY project on board when you have some extra time on a Sunday afternoon post lunch, and nail it in a matter of a few hours. It depends if you want to spray the blades or the bottom portion, if you do want to color the blade with different hues, add two zip lock bags to the remaining ones, confirming that you get the desired result. Make your table fan the gold mine of your designer pizzazz.

5-Table Fan


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