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DIY Weekend Projects for the Family – I

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Each weekend spells out a time where one can take break from their monotonous routine. It acts like a recess, which provides us the needed refreshment from daily chores. While many opt for leisure activities, some prefer to indulge in ‘do it yourself’ home improvement projects.

A DIY project can be a good form of recreation over the weekend. Such projects when undertaken are fun, and help save you some precious dollars as well. In addition, when a family takes up such home improvement projects, it translates to some quality time spent together. Young ones get an opportunity to learn some essential skills, which will prove handy in future. We bring you a 3 series article, each featuring ideas on do it yourself projects over weekends. In this first part of the 3 series, we present 3 easy DIY ideas for you and your family to accomplish this weekend, which focuses on indoor decor.


Revamp the Bookshelf

Revamp Bookshelf1 Revamp Bookshelf2 Revamp Bookshelf3

Revamp Bookshelf4 Revamp Bookshelf5

It has been observed that a library at home may go ignored and unkempt. New books keep pouring in, but unfortunately, the bookshelf continues by itself, gradually wearing an old drab look. Every bookshelf over time deserves a revamp. Using a patterned wallpaper backing in your old bookshelf will transform it into an attractive looking storage unit for your much-loved literary treasure. You will require some wallpaper, a measuring tape, pencil, metal ruler, utility knife and spray adhesive.

Revamp Bookshelf6

Begin by emptying out the bookshelf and then lay it flat on its back. Precisely measure the space in between the shelves and based on the requirement cut the wallpaper in the needed size with your knife, also use the metal ruler to get the cut right. Finally, make sure to apply an even layer of the adhesive on the backside of your wallpaper, followed by firmly pressing it to the back of the bookshelf.


Create an Accent Wall

Accent Wall7 Accent Wall8

Accent Wall9 Accent Wall10

Infuse the element of drama and enthusiasm indoors through an accent wall. A splash of bright color can have an arresting effect on a particular wall within a room. Apart from colors, patterns equally work wonders. For example, an ombre design or any other abstract patterns are visually engaging. Remember; do not mix too many colors, for a single color is effective since it will be different from the decor’s dominant tone. Painting an accent wall enables to create a focal point in a room without overwhelming the room. Remember, paint a wall, which will serve as a focal point, a backdrop that unites the elements in a room, one where the viewer’s eye will go naturally. You may also stencil pattern on to a wall to infuse texture.

Personalize Walls with Wall Art

Putting up a wall art does not need to be an expensive affair; rather it is to be artful. There are various ways to have a wall art, which are inexpensive, contemporary and personalized. Look around and you will find necessary materials and smart ideas to for making your wall art. The top 3 are listed below.

Wall Art11 Wall Art12

Family Memorabilia – We tend to click pictures at every given occasion or simply for the fun of it. Make use of all those family photos to create memorable wall art. Take several favorite photos of your family and have them printed on to canvas of different shapes and size. Arrange them into a pre-thought form, for example a block, circle, or any other pattern. This makes for an interesting wall art.

Family Memorabilia 13 Family Memorabilia 14

Song Lyrics – Create multiple eye catching wall art using your favorite song’s lyrics stenciled over large canvasses and hang each in your bedroom, hallway or the dining room. Use multiple colors to bring life into the lyrics.

Song Lyrics 15 Song Lyrics 16

Animate the Walls – An ingenious way to decorate your kid’s room is to implement few pages from your favorite children’s books for wall art. All you need to do is take a page each and frame them with a suitable background, preferably bright colored mats against contrasting wooden frames. Uniformly arrange them side by side on a soft colored wall, and you have a wall art that tells stories.

Divide each activity into parts where in each member of the family can participate. List and explain each member his or her roles, if possible a night prior. Redecorate and improve the elements of your home interior by incorporating the above do it yourself ideas for the library and walls.


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