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DIY Weekend Projects for the Family – II

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Time indeed flies like a swift. With weekend just around the corner, enthusiasm builds and plans are afoot in connection to it. Undertaking creative tasks together as a family is wholesome and refreshing. A home improvement project is one such activity worth your family’s time.

You may have likely read our earlier feature story, a first part of a three series article, which mentions do it yourself weekend projects. In case you missed, it is available for reference on our site. The previous article highlighted how to decorate bookshelves and interior walls. This piece is about restoration and improvisation. Every part and accessory within a home requires a timely overhaul, an update, for it to be competent and efficient, fully contributing to a decor. Here are 3 easy DIY indoor projects on some of the most overlooked elements in your home decor.

Renew Door Knobs

Doorknob 1

An important part in every door is the doorknob. It is a practical piece of hardware-a first step to security. Apparently, doorknobs serve as decorative accessories too. Brass is the most sought after among other metals, both for its stylish look and durability. However, constant use, repeated exposure to the elements causes them to lose their natural shiny sheen. By following few simple steps, you can retain the original shine of your brass doorknobs.

Polish – Brass polish is an effective means to remove dirt and grime, including the patina, off your doorknob’s surface. Take a small amount of polish on a rag and evenly dab it all over the knob. Allow it to rest for a few minutes. Then follow it by wiping off the doorknob, exerting a bit of pressure so to remove any hardened stains. Repeat this step twice, thereafter; buff the doorknob using a clean soft piece of cloth. Occasional polishing will prevent doorknobs from losing their original golden color and shine.


Update Floor Value

Braided rug brown 2

Just because we are walking upon them most of the time does not mean they do not deserve attention. Floors are the fifth wall in a house, and if decorated right, they substantially contribute to a room’s overall appeal. Undoubtedly, hardwood floors make an elegant statement. Unfortunately, though, getting them installed will require more than a weekend. Opt for area rugs and runners instead.

Braided rug orange 3

Rugs are perfect floor accessories, they give you value for the money spent. Area rugs are flexible-they protect floors from any possible damage prone in heavy traffic areas, provide warmth and give a touch of style to a room. One has freedom of placing them in almost any part of the house for utility and decorative purpose, such as in a living room, bedroom, and kitchen.  Runners are meant for hallways and corridors. A suitable area rug helps create and establish a theme. In addition, they are easy to maintain and can serve you for many years. Their portability factor is another plus point, as you can move them in case of moving out or a renovation.


Light up Mood and Save Energy

Indoor lighting is essential, with a simple flick one can switch on or off the lights in a room. Artificial lighting involves a constant and usually intense beam of light, which can be uncomfortable. A room goes through a change of moods depending upon time and occasion. Excess or inadequate light can either make or break the moment. Interestingly, nature has a different lighting design in comparison to our homes. In nature, light gradually increases and fades, providing space for our moods to change.

Lightining 4

To create a particular mood and set a tone within a room install dimmer switches on your lights. There are four types of dimmers available-rotary, slide, touch, and integrated dimming system. Though easy to install, if you are vouching for an advanced type, we recommend you consult an electrician. In a way, dimmers imitate nature’s pattern of lighting, giving a user full control over the amount of use, from none-to moderate-to-full intensity. This feature has dual benefits: one achieves the desired feel, and secondly, it saves a decent amount on energy bills.

Purchase rugs online, browse through varieties available and avail best deals courtesy seasonal sales and discounts. Make sure on their look and size beforehand. For dimmer switches, visit any lighting and electrical stores, and decide over the type that will suit. Remember, the seemingly insignificant elements of our homes are crucial, and play a vital role.

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