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Do it Yourself – Tips for Removing Wallpaper Borders

May 31st, 2013 By

Have you purchased a new house or simply intending to redo the interiors-your walls? Then, wallpapers are likely to be on your mind. Wallpapers are widely used for their role in enhancing a home decor through their artistic and visual appeal. However, what does one do when it comes to the challenge of removing them?

On Removing Borders

As great many an effort goes on putting up wallpaper, equal is the trouble of removing it. Today, majority of wallpaper borders available come with self-adhesive. Yet many decide to apply extra adhesives to keep the borders fixed with the intention for it to last several years. Unfortunately, this leads to a daunting task when it comes to removing the wallpaper. Here are certain methods that you may include for getting rid of wallpaper borders without ruining your wall.

Basic – Hair dryer Method

First, heat the wallpaper border with a hairdryer and as a precaution measure; maintain dry hands while using the equipment. Thereafter, spray water over the surface. Do not forget to test a corner to check if the border is easily removable. If a strong adhesive is applied, then your wallpaper will not come off right away. This calls for another method.

Hair dryer Method1


Spray and Scrape Method

Step two, take some water or vinegar and fill it up in a spray gun. You may skip vinegar, as it tends to leave an unpleasant odor, which will linger on your walls for days together and keep you off from venturing into that room. Be generous while spraying on the wallpaper and its borders. Soon after, follow by scraping it mildly with a plastic scraper. Restrain from using metal scrapers since they can easily damage the surface underneath causing additional expense to you on spackle and repainting.

Spray and Scrape Method2


Moisturize the Surface

Even after executing the above methods, the wallpaper appears firmly attached. Then you need to apply extra moisture. For that prepare warm soap water and sponge the border sufficiently. In case you have a waterproof border, it is necessary you apply a little extra energy so that the water penetrates through. When dealing with small areas, take help of sewing pins but for large one, it is advisable to use perforation tools. Prior to scraping the border, wait for about 10-15 minutes.

Moisturize the Surface3


Steam Wall Stripper

Another effective way to remove stubborn wallpaper borders is the use of steam wall stripper. You may either buy one, which are available at reasonable prices or simply rent them. Whatever that suits your needs. An important technique to follow on the use of a wall stripper is to begin at the bottom, gradually towards the top. Once the borders are steamed, they will automatically peel off with a bit of scraping alongside.

Steam Wall Stripper4


Spotless Surface

On completion of removing the wallpaper border entirely, it is required that you clean up all mess created in the process of getting rid of your wallpaper. All stains and traces of adhesives must be clear or else the new wallpaper that you intend to apply will eventually appear spoilt due to the remaining residue on the surface of the wall. Do not forget to leave the walls bare overnight thereby letting them dry off before they are put to use.

Spotless Surface5


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