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Echo Nature’s Euphoria Indoors with Eco-Friendly Rugs

Jun 14th, 2013 By

Beauty and tranquility are nature’s wealth. The feeling experienced on witnessing both is ecstatic and momentous. Apparently, one can taste it only when in nature’s lap. However, you may extend this wonderful phenomenon in your home by incorporating eco-friendly rug indoors.

There are several rugs and then there are eco-friendly rugs that march to a completely different tune. Nevertheless, they serve the purpose of floor covers but come with a much serious objective. These rugs underline the importance to preserve nature and they do so with the use of fabrics put in use. Going organic is need of the hour. If you share similar sentiments, then adding eco-friendly rugs to your home is a good start to show you care for mother earth.

Eyeful yet Discreet

An eco-friendly rug in many ways can be termed as home decor friendly. No matter which theme you have adorned your interior with, these rugs blend in very well, adding a delicate grace along. From contemporary to traditional, country to retro or even world, these rugs are among the best accessory you can lay your hands on to decorate your floors.1 natural fibre green rug

Assertive but Conserving

Never associate dullness to be the characteristic of eco-friendly rugs. On the contrary these floor covers accentuate the indoors beautifully with their various definitive patterns, like the one seen in the image here, which contributes towards a stirring look. At the same time, it preserves the original theme of your decor by not having an overbearing effect on the overall setting.2 natural fibre rust brown rug

Cozy and Mellow

Color is a prominent arm of eco-friendly rugs that assist in achieving pleasant looking interiors. Most of the tones are soft and warm, much similar to nature. You will not find any use of harsh or garish shades. When you place appropriate furnishings that blend in with such rugs, the result is a cozy looking room. This makes way for a perfect setting to entertain or indulge in conversations with family and friends.3 natural fibre grey rug

Thoughtful and Judicious

Having a rug made of natural fibers such as sisal or jute highlights your connection to nature. Eco-friendly rugs are a smart choice since they are sustainable, durable being stain-resistant and affordable as well. However, it is advisable not to use it outdoors. Furthermore, it is recommended that people suffering from allergies implement these rugs in place of their counterparts. In addition, they are practical for use in high traffic areas.4 natural fibre gold rug

Distinct and Inspiring

One of nature’s respectable aspects is its ability to inspire courtesy its diverse features. Place a beige color eco-friendly rug, one with dark borders at the center over wooden flooring backed by art inspired home decor items. Maintain a flow of soft and warm colors and you will witness a calm and serene interior emerge. As inspiring it can be, at the same time it will adequately give your room a relaxed and peaceful appearance.5 natural fibre red rugSow in each room of your home, eco-friendly rugs and see an ambiance of beauty and serenity harmoniously grow, which will spread and settle all across your home decor.


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