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Eco Friendly Rugs Best for Green Living

Jan 31st, 2013 By

Nowadays, green living is a concept every homeowner is looking forward to. The rising cost of energy consumption is a matter of contention for every home. You need to find ways how you can save on such cost and also use resources that are nature friendly. You can also get natural carpets for your home this season for highlighting green living.

When it comes to flooring, you can choose carpets made from natural materials and dyes. These may or may not be that energy efficient but you can certainly compliment green living through these carpets. Eco Friendly rugs are one of the best options for green living flooring. Now there are many materials you can consider for their construction:


Wool is one of the best choices of materials for these carpets. They can be great as floor insulators. Wool is considered to be a material that can render warmth. You can even find most of the winter clothing to be made from this yarn. Wool carpets can also soak leaks faster than any other material. You can get them for bath and kitchen area.



Cotton is another option for natural carpets. People prefer these carpets especially for living room and bedroom. You can look out for accent rugs that are made from cotton. This material however may not be great for high traffic areas unlike wool. You can use these natural carpets for home interiors.


You can also use jute as a material for eco friendly rugs. They can go well with home interiors. If you are using them in home outdoors, then place it in an area that does not have direct exposure to sunlight. You can also look out for carpets made from combination of rough or soft jute material.



You may choose eco friendly rugs made from bamboo. Bamboo rugs are quite popular. They are best for high traffic areas and outdoors. You can choose them for garden and porch area as well. They do not get affected much by stains or water. You can consider them for stairways and passageways as well.


Silk rugs are also one of the great selections for home interiors. You should keep them away from heat. They should not be kept in fireplace area. You should clean them regularly. They are very beautiful yet susceptible to stains and blotches. You can buy silk carpets of large size. You can also get accent rugs made from silk. Do not use them in high traffic area.


Leather that uses natural dyeing and tanning process is best as eco friendly rugs. You may choose leather shag rugs for your space. You can lay them in home interiors or even outdoors but protected from sunlight. You choose solid shag rugs made from leather as well for your space.



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