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Eco-friendly Rugs That Make Floors Appear Attractive

Dec 3rd, 2012 By
Very often people opt out of jute rugs because they presume there are not many color options available among these rugs. Eco-friendly rugs are often mistaken to lack variety. There are indeed countless attractive Eco-friendly options to protect your floors. These include jute rugs, sisal rugs, sea grass rugs, bamboo rugs and cotton rugs. Here we have listed a few jute rugs that are ideal for modern minimalist homes.

Artesan Jute Rugs

These are area rugs that are made from jute. As jute is an Eco-friendly material, it does not have any adverse effect on the surrounding. This rug falls in the category of art rugs and thus the name Artesan rug.

The rug has a checkered pattern on its surface. This pattern is inspired from geometric shapes. They your floors appear stylish. We even have four different color options among these rugs.

Where to place these rugs?

These rugs will go best with light hardwood floors. The dark shades of these rugs will go well against a light background of hardwood floors. This will help you form a perfect contrast.

You may place this rug in the living room or guest room. It will easily draw anyone’s attention in the living room or guest room.

What factors to consider while buying this rug?

If you are planning to buy this rug for your home, there are some factors you need to consider.

  • You must see the dimension of the rug. You must verify that the dimensions will cater to your requirement.
  • You may even have to consider the color of the flooring on which you plan to place this rug. This will help you decide whether it is a perfect contrast.
  • You must also select the right shape of area rug. You have to take into account where you wish to place the rug while considering this.
  • Wait for online discounts and offers. This can help you save money.

How to maintain this rug?

This rug is an Eco-friendly jute rug. You must keep all maintenance tips related to jute rugs when you maintain this rug. Here we have listed the major tips.

  • Do not leave this rug in a moist or damp area.
  • Regularly vacuum the rug so that it stays clean.
  • Follow the user manual when it comes to using detergents on these area rugs.

Why use Jute Rugs on Floors?

Here are some factors that may prompt you to buy these jute area rugs.

  • They are colorful and attractive.
  • They protect floors from deterioration and are durable.
  • This can be your first step in the direction of green living.
  • You can set an example to your friends and companions to lead a green life.
  • These are affordable ways to protect your floors.
  • They go well with traditional as well as modern home décor styles.
  • You can even purchase these rugs in customized shapes.

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