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Enhance the Mood of your Room with Alluring Shag Rugs!!!

Mar 12th, 2012 By


If you are craving for the beautiful, trendy and attractive accessories to embellish your home then shag rugs are the perfect choice of rugs you can go with. You don’t need to worry much if you have hardwood floor, marble floor or tiles as shag rugs will surely fit into any floor.

Shag is named so because of their shaggy and luxurious pile. Shag rugs are available in different fabrics which in general consist of leather, fur and cotton. The stunning and classy colors like blue, green, black, purple, yellow and rainbow look elegant when place on the floor. Whether interior of your home is retro or contemporary; shag rugs are sure to compliment them. With the geometric designs to floral patterns, shag rugs are the one which you desired for your room. But you must be very conscious while choosing the styles and the patterns of the rugs as you choose the wrong one you might end up with the messing up all the accessories.

Shag rugs offer different shapes that include round, square, and rectangle. Shag rugs also present funny shapes that can be placed in the kid’s room. Do not add shag rugs if you have colonial or traditional space as the stylish designs will not make right match for such interiors. Moreover, the piles of shag rugs are soft that makes you feel comfortable when you step on them. The other important feature about the shag rugs is that they endow you with a steady surface even if they are damp. Shag rugs also offer grip and thus the chances of accidents due to slipping from the rugs are less.

Shag rugs are too flexible making them extremely easy to clean and care.  Vacuum them on the regular basis so as to maintain the fresh and hygienic environment. You can also place a rug pad beneath the shag rug to make them more durable. Do not machine mash or bleach the shag rugs as this can damage the fabric of the shag rugs for lifetime. Avoid drying them in the direct sun as this will the color of your beautiful rugs to faint and pale off. Rug pads protect the fibers of the rugs from shedding off.


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