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Enhance your Caprice by Adding Exquisite Landlines

Jun 10th, 2013 By

Do you know anyone who does not own a cell in this century? Well there could be several exceptions, but the order of the day is to hold your smart phone, and bring the world at your fingertips. With the outburst of mobiles, we have forgotten the sweet anticipation of listening to the ‘tring-tring’ that we prayed was meant for us. It brought relationships closer. It brought a real smile, not a virtual one displayed on Facebook.


We live in times that are constantly changing at a dynamic speed. With the advent of new technologies and cells, today if the call is made by someone you want to avoid, it is possible. This is the only positive aspect. Why not change this trend, and augment some style to your interiors by adding landlines that would do wonders to your surroundings.


Keeping Abreast with the Times

In order to add a little charm to your Decor you do not need to own a time-machine, you could prolong your conventional outlook and still stay in the context of elegance and classics. This ‘iphone’desktop handset looks like a landline. The phone can be charged through the provided USB cord and all you have to do is connect it to the system. The set works with the battery in it.

Eternal Vintage

This lovely light green rotary dial phone does not fit into your pocket, will not bring you the perks of the internet and will definitely not help you SMS, at least this will ring when mum calls. And this fresh color teamed with the lovely vintage ringtone is music to your ears. This vintage piece is a star in your ancient collection.

Abstract is Artistic

This cow printed landline is quirky, playful, light and gaiety. If you have a themed room, with whites and blacks, with this you would only add the cherry on the top. Even if it is an extra colorful room, this will bring the enthusiasm your room needs.

Rusty Routine

Another vintage piece, but downright rusty and crude, these qualities makes it worth a ring. Even if you do not intend to make calls or receive any, this is a fine prop for your decor. It is an adorable old phone. Delightfully big and made with tin, this color will exalt brilliance.

Retro Ringers

Retro and antique telephones have bombarded the American Home Decor scenario. It is fad that hit a couple of years ago and it is evolving itself in a very elegant and consistent fashion. This specific design will rekindle the memory you have from visiting your grandparents, but with a modern twist to it once looked carefully. So this is a cordless with evident charm and beauty, which is endless.

Creative Calling

Fun and useful, this telephone is for users who are love being random and inviting an eccentric touch to their lives every now and then. It is so stylish and eye-catching that every person who happens to visit you, friends or family, they are sure to smirk.


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