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Entwine Eco friendly Rugs and DIY Candles Together

Jun 28th, 2013 By

Yes, we are stepping into a world that is slowly getting environmentally educated and civilized. By bringing globally conscious ideas into our homes we can steadily catch up with the interior designing industry. The task is simple, aesthetic blend of ecofriendly home decor and used arty objects bring in a wave of freshness effortlessly.

Where Nature meets Art Naturally

This thought is simple and exquisite at the same time. Eco friendly rugs have a pattern that invites abstract accessories. This idea of incorporating your room with lovely DIY candles with a texture similar to that of the rug illuminates the entire space in an enchanted sort of a manner. Nail the assortment perfectly with the help of this article.

Jute Junction

This lovely transitional ecofriendly rug is made from pure jute and is hand woven. Due to the simplistic and natural features of the rug, anything abstract or arty would fill in the necessary gaps. Why not allow this lucid DIY candle to add to your room’s already existing beauty? Take a glass and entwine a jute thread you would find in your attic. Place your plain white or neutral shaded candle to fill the space with a romantic soundless feel. The rug being available in seven sizes, take it anywhere you desire.

Jute Junction 1

Coffee Combination

Contemporary in nature, this rug is made from leather and is hand woven too. The dark brown color allows it to give the entire space a polished and soft portrayal. To add to the sophistication of this gorgeous carpet, take a handful of coffee beans and place them in ceramic planters. Place floating candles in this sturdy embellishment. The aroma of coffee, the magic of this rug together will leave you speechless. Suitable for your living room, with seven sizes available, you could add your own creativity in placing this flooring decor wherever.

Coffee Combination 2

Sand Sanguine

By enduring this splendor on your floors, there is hardly anything else you would need to add to that area. Hand woven, available in seven sizes and made from Jute, this stripped pattern in beige and ochre yellow rug is suitable for all sorts of floors and rooms. Most appropriate in your extended dining area, under a couch, or a side table, try adding these cute candle vases to the ensemble. Take a glass vase, immerse it with a little sand, throw a few shells and corals, and enlighten you entire decor. What an easy and achievable idea really!

Sand Sanguine 3

Grain Grace

Natural materials like wool and jute are utilized in artistically weaving this shag rug. Perfect for indoor rooms, this specific design gives a very grainy look to it. Add this lavish DIY candle to the atmosphere. Use a vibrant color for the candle since the grain effect is subtle and underplays itself. The technique to create this candle ensemble is similar to the process used for the sand infused candle vase. Simple, durable and long lasting this rug and this decoration idea can be innovatively applied differently for different seasons.

Grain Grace 4

Flower Fusion

Another masterpiece made from jute and hand woven in nature, this transitional colorful creation is flexible enough to make its presence felt anywhere it is located. If you have a garden of your own, grab a bunch of flamboyant flowers and place it on a tray filled with evenly aromatic candles. This brings all the elements of the room get connected with a single bond, a bond of finesse and flair.

Flower Fusion 5

The idea is simple, the rugs are gorgeous and the candles bless the atmosphere in a flawless fashion. Involve this in your daily life, and change it however and whenever you feel like.


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