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Essentials of Halloween – Prepping Up

Oct 4th, 2013 By

Preparing for Halloween in advance can keep the stress bug at bay. Moreover, with mountains of options to choose from, it is advisable to start as early as possible. So put on your planning caps and make the most of this festive season.

A house that does not wear a holiday decor, frankly, indicates its occupants lacking interest in celebrating the occasion at hand. That not being the case, how do you make this Halloween memorable? Remember, preparation is the magic spell. Getting all essentials together and ready is crucial so to have everything go perfectly. Here are top five tips and ideas to get you started and have a great holiday.


Pumpkin Shopping

Halloween 1 Halloween 2

No other element shrieks “Halloween” as effectively as a pumpkin. Its characteristics have made it popular and likewise a fitting symbol for centuries. There is no second thought in that your preparations will be incomplete without them. Pumpkins have several uses–they are effective as decorative items and useful in cuisine as well. You likely will want, if not for both, then at least for the former. When shopping, opt for ones that have firm flesh with deep tones. Pick them irrespective of their size and shape, variety calls for appeal. Do not choose ones marred with blemishes and bruises, and look for any signs of infection.


Carving Pumpkin

Halloween 3 Halloween 4

The next step is carving designs, transforming simple pumpkins into jack o’ lanterns, especially when you want them as decorative pieces. These are certain eye grabbers, as they add an arresting visual interest to a decor. Carving is simple; however, stencils and a few basic tools are required to get the job done. A plethora of patterns for your pumpkins, such as Halloween face, scary faces, and numerous other thematic designs and ideas are available for use on the internet, apart from different techniques on carving. Be sure to prep the pumpkins before you begin cutting. Besides, this is a great activity to be undertaken as a family.


Costumes and Trends

Halloween 5 Halloween 6

Another vital factor, which is a rage with kids and adults alike is costume wearing. No Halloween is fully complete without donning spooky costumes. Even pets are a part of this revelry. In your list of “to do” mark this as an important errand. Here are two important points to remember:


  • Be an early bird – You are not the only one to be shopping from your neighborhood. Likely, many have already begun and completed too. Do not procrastinate, for Halloween costumes disappear off the shelves moment they arrive. Make sure your costume fits and is comfortable by trying them on beforehand.
  • Trends and Themes – Before buying, decide what you will wear. If not sure, spend a little time on the internet. Search for this year’s top Halloween costume trends and most appealing themes, doing so will help you narrow down to an appropriate choice.


Decoration – Get Creative

Halloween 7 Halloween 8

Perhaps the most crucial feature of Halloween celebration is decorations; it complements the spirit of the event. Interestingly, decorating largely depends on one’s choice, you may either opt for a minimalist approach or grandiose. Nevertheless, that does not equate it to be an expensive affair. Hardly, much of it depends on your choice. Designers suggest being creative, wherein more of your creativity rather than money is put to use. Lighting and music are two key components, so play with them. Incorporate lanterns and candles to create a lighting scheme that evokes a spooky feel, backed with haunting melodies. Opt for DIYs and repurposed ideas. If any purchases are necessary, shop from a dollar store in your area, they adequately stock for the occasion.


Candies and Safety

Halloween 9 Halloween 10

Trick or treat, is a thing, which we loved as kids and likely want to be special for our kids too. Remember, just as your kids will go house to house, so will others stop by yours. Be ready, but more importantly stock the right candies. You do not want to disappoint them. So ask your children about their choice, likely others may share same tastes. Finally, ensure your child understands all safety precautions, such as while crossing roadways and avoiding treats from strangers. If possible, replace their costume masks with paints for better visibility. After all, you want this holiday to be safe, one filled with fun and laughter for everyone.

Halloween 11

Having all essentials checked and in place, one can turn their focus to other important aspects of decoration, starting with home improvement or redecoration of your home. There is plenty to do and no time to lose if you desire on having a gleaming Halloween.


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