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Establish Bold Interiors using Solid Area Rugs

May 23rd, 2013 By

Infuse audaciousness and character into your rooms. Step up your creative quotient by employing solid area rugs to home decor.It is a smart choice to evoke radiance to dull and pale looking interiors.

Over the years, solid area rugsthrough their bold and vivid combination of colors have and continuetoassistin producingstunning home interiors.Throw inzest and a spark of life into your home decor. You are free to experiment with these rugs.Base a theme on it, add complementing home accessories along and watch your interiors perk up.

Amplify Your Home

Solid area rugs can prove to be the ultimate choice in home decor. It is an apt accessory to enliven your room. These rugs come in striking colors, which lend a dynamic presence to rooms.The dominant quality of these rugs is their colors,both arresting and vibrant! A combination of contemporary style drug with a strong color to it gives a room, sharp visual appeal, a treat for the eyes.

Purple solid rug1


Add Character to Your Room

Making one room unique from another can be challenging. Especially, if you are not certain of the look you want it to portray. Solid area rugs can be very helpful on this front as well. Remember, the forte of these rugs is their bright-bold colors. As seen in the image, you may likewise add a solid rug to a room and have the walls painted in similar color to that of the rug. Add accessories and furnishings that contrast the rug’s color. Voila! You have a room, which will stand out from other ones

Green solid rug2


Put up a Class Act

Bold colors are not be classified as simply loud, lacking class and elegance. You will be surprised to know that solid area rugs can add a touch of finesse to a home decor effortlessly.In this case, dark-deep shades are what will get the job done. Similar to other rugs, they too come in a wide variety of colors. Be it bright shades of yellow, red, green or orange to dark deep shades of purple, blue, gold and brown. These shades are best suited for people who desire their home interiors to wear a modern contemporary look.

Blue solid rug3


Bond Your Decor

Solid is bold and bold is strong!By this, we are stating, solid area rugs are durable. Apparently, in the market, this rug is the most versatile one available. You can incorporate them into almost any space such as kitchens, bathrooms or library and still get wonderful results. They are friendly on the wallet too, both in terms of purchase and in terms of maintenance.

Dark brown rug4


Be Exclusive

Do no limit your home decor’s style to one rug. When opting for solid area rugs, you may purchase several of them for numerous spaces within your house. Apart from single solid colors, these rugs are come in two tone colors. Moreover, they are several other forms in which these rugs are available. To name a few, contemporary, floral, and transitional designs.Does that sound good? You can always swap them to bring a change in the ambience.

Sky blue solid rug5

Set up bright interiors and introduce the needed zing. Bolden up your home decor with aid of solid area rugs.


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