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Fancy Rug Coasters for Modern Homes

Dec 2nd, 2012 By
Coasters are an ideal table decor. These are available in several colorful patterns and forms. They can be used to decorate our table tops and to keep them clean and tidy. Here is more about these unique coasters.

Applique Rug Coaster

These are colorful coaster rugs that can be used to ornament your tables. They are stylish and trendy. You can choose colors that contrast your coffee mug.

Floral Rug Coasters

These are coasters that have distinctive floral patterns on their surface. These are usually multicolored and the pattern on them is very unique.

Cute Animal Rug Coasters

These coasters will remind you of the animal hide rugs that are now available in the market. They come in several different hues. Your kids will also love to have such unique coasters on their tables.

Creative Mug Rug Coasters

These are coffee mug themed coasters. They have patterns of coffee mugs drawn on their surface. These can actually help to change the entire appearance of the coffee table.

Paper Recycled Rug Coasters

This is a very attractive creation by some inventive geek. These are coffee rug coasters made by recycling paper and magazines. This looks very colorful and may turn out to be the best use of old magazines.

Green Patch Mug Rug

Some people can really take going green quite seriously. This distinctive green mug rug is meant for such people. These are patch rugs and can complement modern stylish décor very well.

Unique Christmas Rug Coasters

These are mug rugs designed especially for the festive seasons like Christmas and New Year. They are ideal to decorate coffee tables.

Swedish Quilted Mug Rug

Quilted rugs look very pretty. This is a very unique Swedish rug. It makes very sensible use of attractive hues. This can help you decorate your table top in style.

Wild Fiery Mug Rugs

If you want to give a wild look to your coffee table, you must select this mug rug. It has an animal print on its surface. It uses warm colors that make it look bold.


Valentine Themed Mug Rugs

These are ideal for coffee tables of romantic couples. These are made for occasions like Valentine’s Day. They come in shades of love like red and pink. They are very pretty and eye-catchy.


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