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Feast your Eyes on Unique Furniture Designs

Aug 4th, 2013 By

Grab hold tightly to the sides, here are some eye-popping examples of futuristic furniture ready to zoom you into creativity of modern age. You will come across enlightening designs of sofas that can go with different home themes. Astonish your folks with these ever-demanded, popular choices of contemporary seating, hitting the market at large


Get in touch with your colorful side with this whimsical sofa. Patchwork art renders it perfect to be used in contemporary home setup. It will blend along with white interiors and subtle backdrops pretty well.

Patchwork 1


Discover the wonder of blue with ottoman furniture to decorate your living areas. Combine vintage carpets with them to bring forward beauty. Scenic wall decals will complement these pieces nicely.

Ottoman 2


Go chirpy with pebble shaped sofa. A set of quirky throw pillows can add the necessary elegance to the furniture. This can settle in modern areas. You can adjust this in outdoors as well as guest areas for more attraction.

Pebble 3

Flower Shaped

Bring garden in your interiors with these cute floral sofas. These can gel with seasonal décor of summer and spring. Rendering the loveliness of nature, this furniture is ideal for open and informal areas.

Flower Shaped 4

Carved Wood

Create a room for sculpted wood furniture in homes. This furniture can uplift green living as well as inspire you to engage in ecofriendly room design. It can suit cottage and rustic room interiors.

Carved Wood 5


Explore beyond modernism and involve retro look in home with this car shaped sofa. This can usher a casual appearance teamed with vintage design to home interiors. It will contemporize a poolside area.

Retro 7


Want to scare the daylight out of guests and yet play with room design creatively? This cactus-patterned sofa is just the furniture you need. Scary at first, people will definitely fall in love with this.

Wild 8


Invite the city in room with this jazzy furniture bearing the silhouette pattern of buildings and skyscrapers. A mishmash of 3D print throw pillows can transform the look of the furniture for better.

City 9


Feel the happiness in the air with the adorable bubble sofa.  Place this in kid’s room or recreational area, as the cushion is quite soft to sit on. This can revamp a dull nook with graceful appearance.

Bubble 10

Graphic Art

Paint colors in your home with this over the edge looking sofa. A flurry of graphic art makes it a furniture item to that many would crave. A graffiti wall decal as a backdrop t this furniture will be a great idea.

Graphic Art 11

Biting Ball

Get checkered with this awesome biting ball sofa. Best for kid’s space, this furniture is an eyebrow raiser in the lounge and recreational areas. You may utilize it to beautify pathways and outdoors.

Biting Ball 12


Build odd with goods by bringing in this jagged leg sofa. It can be a precious item of decoration in living areas. A zing of accessories can sustain as nice contrasts to this simple yet weird looking furniture.

Jagged 13

Italian Affair

A hint of Italian décor can be highlighted with this drum ball sofa. Soothing and soft, it can refurbish formal designed areas excellently. Use it to beautify study room, home office or large libraries.

Italian Affair 14

Tree Inspired

Display your interest in nature inspired living with this tree shaped sofa. The abstract shaped backrest can be quite comforting. Green shaded accents can allow the furniture to blend in with the room theme.

Tree Inspired 15


Furniture are not just for design, a bit of functionality can be an icing on the cake. This bookshelf-combined sofa is apt for any room. It can go incredibly well in reading nook, craft and hobby room or perhaps the living area.

Functional 16


Dig in exotic design with this blue inspired reclaimed art sofa. A wood plank converted into a seating item is a brilliant idea. You can hand paint the cushions and linen of the furniture to go with the room interiors.

Reclaimed 17


A wide yet eye catchy furniture piece in lounge area can create a cozy space for seating. This floral themed sofa will certainly do the trick in outdoors and interiors. It can be a wonderful art piece for the summers.

Lounging 18


A settee attached with cabinet and shelf can be an optimal pick for minimal designed home interiors. This sofa is not only good-looking but also convertible into a work desk or a space for relaxation.

Convertible 19

Snow Mountains

Beat the heat with this amazing sculpted stone furniture that is shaped like Snow Mountain. It will provide a gateway to the scenic locales of winter season in the northern parts of the world.

Snow Mountains 20


Do you like to play video games? This spaceman shaped sofa can deliver the necessary quizzical appeal to rooms. Effective in design, this furniture will surely blow the minds of youngsters.

Spaceman 21

So, the above-displayed options of wacky sofa designs can be among the top-notch choices to decorate the seating areas. You may use these furniture items to beautify varied room in home interiors and outdoors.

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