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Fiery red and classic white home décor

Aug 29th, 2012 By
The interaction between the warm and soft colors is best expressed with red and white shades. Break the code of boring décor with stark contrast created with such colors that perk up the beauty of the place. You can add some accessories and furniture with bold colored walls in your home that look perfectly retro and royal in the cascades of reds and whites.

The trend of colors in home lately reflects upon the reds and whites. You can say it is a revival of the vintage rustic style and the modern neutral shade design. But in contemporary homes, the combination of these two colors is seen widely in use. Moreover, homeowners prefer these shades not because of their popularity but their charm.


The living room

Maintain the cultural beauty of the traditional style with artistic living room. Red roller blinds and a white fireplace are the ideal duo to the area. Decorative pillows on leather furniture are marvelous to depict the ethnicity of the region. Paintings and portraits paint the walls expressively. Smooth marble floor with polished surface is also appealing.

The bedroom

Go Gothic and reveal the charm of the modern whites and red with a tinge of black in the bedroom. Red shelves and wallpapers will define the look of the region. A full moon white plain rug will seem impressive in the area. Fabric curtains and wooden flooring are the best accents for this kind of home style.

The guestroom

Step up the guest room with all the necessary amenities in the place. Lovely red backdrop of the bed region with wonderful linen will add on to the comfort of the guests. Wall hanging ceiling lights and few art objects will throw light on the interior décor of the area. Space out the room with marble flooring and rugs.

The kid’s room

Where there is play, there are children too! Make the kid’s room a place of entertainment and joy with gorgeous red heart shaped rugs, wall stencil design, pillows, and other accessories. Tune in the home theme with excessive white color usage for floors and walls. Luxury cabinet and clock will really inspire the kids to stay in the region.

The dining room

Eat and love, that’s the notion everyone should carry. Similarly, decorate the dining room with accents of reds and whites. You can have a wooden table surrounded with white cushion cover chairs and red walls. Hang a chandelier from the roof for more impact.

The kitchen

Empower the kitchen with red colored functional cabinets. You can make the region standout even in white colored floors and ceilings. Include a multipurpose pantry, a small table, and a few chairs for storage and seating respectively.Black granite countertop will bring in more life in the area.

The bathroom

White colored bathroom vanity bathtubs, lavatory, sinks, and furniture are an excellent choice. You can purchase red towels and accessories for the region to create a bright alteration. Wall mirrors will make for a functional space. Red walls and background will highlight the place nicely.

The porch

Why leave your home outdoors empty and dull? Fill it up with lovely red cushions and furniture. White colored windows doors and parapets will remodel the region. In the essence of nature, you can find recluse with such calming colors and décor.


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