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A life without color is sure to be dull, bland and boring. They bring meaning to our life and infuse an element of visual interest to everything they are added. Each color represents a unique quality, which when applied enhances a form and complements its purpose. Blue helps establish a foundation of tranquility within the home design.

As mentioned in one of our earlier articles, Pantone, the official body in charge of colors, previously announced, Radiant Orchid as the color of 2014. That said, apart from purple, designers assert that the color blue will gain great prominence over the time this year. Rugs and Blinds delights to present an exquisite range of contemporary and transitional floor covers that come from some of the world’s top brands into floor decoration–Chandra, Rizzy, Kaleen and Kas.


The color blue encompasses a broad range of positive qualities. For instance, it is often related to as the color of inspiration, intelligence, sincerity, depth and stability. Above all, it is a calming color and is associated with tranquility. This makes it an excellent option for use within the home decor. Play with it! To house variety, try to incorporate various contrasting hues of blue indoors in form of rugs and runners. In addition, different style of designs and patterns like ogee from Transition and self-imprint from Imprints Modern collection will help add an aesthetic flair to a room.


 Each shade of blue represents a different meaning, which a homeowner may use to beautify the appeal of their home interior, in order to add warmth and style. Light blue stands for health, calmness, and understanding, making it an apt choice in the living or family room. Its dark tone is associated with elegance, knowledge, power, and integrity–a fitting addition for the library, dining room and even the master bedroom. In case of small rooms, add a pale color rug with borders from the Parmel collection to create an illusion of a spacious living area. For drama and a touch of dynamics, get a brilliant colored floor cover.


 As visually varied is the collection of each of the aforementioned brands, likewise they are to feel and touch. All of these floor fabrics are specially handmade using the best materials known to man, both natural and synthetic–wool, art silk, polyester and polypropylene to name a few. Their construction in turn presents ample comfort to users, while providing durability and low maintenance, which the homeowner will benefit in the years to come.


 Depending on your home decor, its style and existing theme employ relevant floor fabrics in color blue available at Rugs and Blinds to build a serene and inspiring home decor. Use it as accent and create a focal point or unify the various elements of a decor. Additionally, to create high visual impact and a vibrant home design, opt for mixing warm hues like red and yellow together.


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