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Floor Cover Ideas with Eco Friendly Rugs

Apr 3rd, 2013 By

Eco friendly rugs are one of the best floor covers for home interiors. They are apt to bring natural appeal in your rooms. There are different kinds of natural materials that manufacturers use to construct these carpets. These fabric covers are suitable for varied home themes and designs

Natural decor is one of the recent trends in home design. Many people prefer to use accents and items in their rooms that are made from nature friendly elements. Artificial accents are sometimes relatively cheaper than their contemporaries. But when it comes to floor covers, Eco-friendly rugs are one of the top in priorities by homeowners.

These carpets are available at many online carpet stores. You can consider our online store to choose the best natural carpets for your house. The choice of material, design, size and shape are the basic factors for an individual when they want to consider these carpets as flooring covers. Below are few options in Eco-friendly rugs that you can purchase for home interiors.

Natural Fiber Rug Artesan Gold

These carpets can look excellent for traditional home designs. Subtle and solid shades like beige, ivory and cream can go along well with these kinds of a floor covers. You may accommodate this carpet in living room. They can render beauty to this area. Vintage home accents can match this type of home design and rugs.

Natural Fiber Rug Bayo Brown

These carpets can highlight best features in your room. Earthy tones will compliment this Eco-friendly rug. The fine border of this carpet adds up to the wonderful look of this fabric cover. You may use them as living room or bedroom floor covers. Wooden accents with rustic finish can make these carpets look amazing on floors.

Natural Fiber Rug Bayo Gray

This carpet has gray border. It can match classic home design. Such solid carpets can look great for spaces that have minimalist decor. You can even place them in room with open layout. These floor covers may also suit spaces that possess modern accents. White sculptures along with these carpets in a room can be finest combination.

Natural Fiber Rug Sakes Coffee Brown

Chocolate and coffee brown shades are two of the popular shades that homeowners use in home interiors. Eco friendly rugs of this color will surely look impressive for your room floors. These carpets are perfect as natural floor accents in spring season. Floral print curtains may suit the simplicity of these carpets.

Natural Fiber Rug Bayo Yellow

Eco friendly rugs with yellow borders can bring bright look to home floors. This floor cover is of modern style. You can utilize it in bedroom. This can also help in revitalizing the appearance of dull area. This carpet is preferable for kitchen and bathroom floor. Accents of orange and red shades can enhance room decor with these carpets.

You can use these 5 Eco-friendly rugs for your room floors in this spring season. Bring in naturalness in home environment with these carpets.


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