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Floral Prints for a Pop of Color and Freshness

Jan 4th, 2014 By

While winter may paint the landscape white, it often leaves little or no room for other colors to flourish. Too much white brings to mind feelings associated to emptiness, detachment and imply a lack of vitality. Do not let it mar the atmosphere of your home. Floral prints are just the thing needed to create a fresh and lively decor.

Floral prints represent the cheerful and colorful seasons of spring and summer and are an excellent way to resonate the same indoors. Versatile as they are, if used thoughtfully, blend in beautifully with existing patterns within a room and help uplift the mood. Rugs and Blinds delights in dealing in a wide variety of area rugs that come in eye catching floral motifs backed with spring-inspired hues. These mainly contain a bright and warm color palette–ivory, orange, green, blue, yellow, and more.


Apart from their lively and colorful nature, floral prints carry a stately appeal, perfect to compliment traditional decor. In addition, they are desirable as their overall makeup makes them pieces of fine art work. Designers and enthusiasts recommend using them as accents for they possess an element of eccentricity that aides in making a room lively. Constructed employing traditional methods like hand tufting and hand hooked, furnishes resiliency and gives these versatile rugs a touch of authenticity too.


Floral motifs have long been and continue to be an integral theme in several types of floor fabrics purely for their symbolic value. They are widely preferred to build a color scheme in a room and to balance the interior design. Moreover, they are apt to add an element of visual interest via subtle and bold patterns, into a living space devoid of color and marred with dullness. High quality fabrics like 100% wool and polyester go into producing these floor covers and runners. This allows colors to set in deep and make patterns stand out.


The USP of floral prints is that they can be added to almost any living space. Every room in a house stands chance of benefitting with their addition–foyer, living room, dining room, bathroom and even sunroom. Besides giving interiors a cheerful and beautiful appeal, they also help make a style statement. Rugs and Blinds hold a wide collection of floral throws. One will find numerous prints–large to smaller patterns to suit your decors needs along with a palette of invigorating colors that ensure to enhance the appeal of your home interiors.

This new year, to beat winter blues invite nature indoors. Add a dose of color and freshness by incorporating floral prints into your home through exquisitely crafted floor fabrics. These make excellent style statement as well as help establish an endearing homey appeal.


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